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Rose Quartz Gua Sha -Tear Dropped Shape

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  • Very high-quality, genuine Rose Quartz Gua Sha for Face and Body. Includes beautiful velvet pouch and instructions.

    Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to move energy and remove blood stagnation. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that a person’s 'qi' or 'chi' (energy) must be flowing freely for them to enjoy overall health and wellbeing.


    Indagare's Tear Dropped Gua Sha Face & Body Tools are of the very highest quality and crafted from the beautiful pink gemstone, Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is known for increasing self-love and is associated with the heart chakra, helping bring it in balance with the third eye.

    This Tear Dropped Gua Sha is perfect for those that want a larger product that can be used on both the face and the body for Gua Sha massage. In Chinese medicine, cellulite is connected to water metabolism and stagnant chi (energy). Regular Gua Sha massage helps to encourage proper fluid management and may assist in managing cellulite.

    We also offer a beautiful Heart Shaped Gua Sha- popular for the face area and perfect those looking to contour the jawline.

    Using a Rose Quartz Gua Sha daily can help to:

    • Increase blood flow
    • Help release facial muscle tension.
    • Refresh appearance of skin on face - the coolness of the object will help close pores
    • Help lift the skin of the face
    • Use on the body to help recovery after exercise
    • Encourage lymphatic drainage and the release of toxins
    • Reduce cellulite in the legs by moving toxins through the system
    • Use several times a week on the face, rotated with your gorgeous Jade Roller,and you may notice your complexion becomes plumper, brighter and healthier thanks to increased tone and blood circulation. 

    Indagare's Rose Quartz Gua Sha comes in a lovely black velvet pouch with instruction card. Read our blog here for more information on how you can use this incredible well-being and beauty tool (tip - if you work out, or even stand on your feet all day for work,  it is wonderful for the body too!).