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Exfoliating Kessa Mitt

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  • Moroccan Kessa Mitt ~ Authentic, from Morocco.

    Using a Kessa Mitt will help remove unwanted dead skin & is fantastic for prepping skin before self-tanning. 


    Indagare's exfoliating Kessa Mitt is from Morocco's traditional hammams where it is used to thoroughly but gently exfoliate the skin.  Use with our Moroccan Beldi Soap with Eucalyptus to enjoy the softest, smoothest skin. Indagare's Moroccan Beldi Soap can be used for simple cleansing as a beautifully scented, 100% natural soap replacement.


  • Directions:

    Allow your pores to open with hot water and steam and then apply your authentic Beldi Soap liberally to your entire body, except your face. Work the Beldi Soap into a slight lather and then allow it to penetrate your skin for 5 to 10 minutes.

    After rinsing the Beldi Soap off, wet your Kessa Glove and then scrub the skin heavily in a circular motion with it. This is the perfect skincare tool to use before tanning or to get rid of ingrown hairs and reduce cellulite, scars and keratosis pilaris.

    Multitask by applying Indagare's Hair Oil and our Atonement Superfood Face Mask to face while you wait for the Beldi Soap to penetrate.

    Finish with Indagare's Relax & Nourish Body Oil.