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Jade Roller - Dual Head, Smooth Both Ends

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Authentic Jade Roller

Ancient Chinese beauty tool

At a glance:

"The Chinese Skin-Care Tool That Will Cool, Tighten, and Depuff Your Face in Seconds".

High-Quality Double-Head, Smooth Both Ends Jade Rollers. Read the Reviews if you have questions about quality or feel free to email us! Fast shipping.

Using a Jade Roller not only feels fantastic, but it also helps to increase circulation, clear fluid and puffiness, promote lymphatic drainage and enhance overall skin elasticity and radiance. 

Ancient Chinese royalty relied on jade rolling for skin health, so this beauty tool has well and truly stood the test of time. 

Key benefits: 

  • Help brighten and calm complexion
  • Improves skin tone
  • Tightens Pores
  •  Increases blood circulation
  •  Reduces the appearance of dark under eye circles
  •  Assists with lymphatic drainage 
  • Enjoy extra benefits by using your Jade Roller with a face oil - try our luxurious Illumino Youth Serum or the divine Signature Night Recovery Oil.  
  • Includes instruction card.

Why not add a beautiful Rose Quartz Gua Sha to your Jade Roller order?


You can use your Jade Roller any time of the day, but be sure to reach for it in the morning if you wake a little puffy.

Although the stone is naturally cool, if you pop it in the fridge to chill further the extra temperature drop is super refreshing for skin and also noticeably helps to fight puffiness. 

A Jade Roller is also wonderful to use at night with your facial oil. Simply apply your favourite face oil and roll the Jade Roller in an upward and out motion, working from your chest or neck and finishing at your hairline. Take time to enjoy the ritual, switch off from the busyness around you, and be sure to take some deep breaths and enjoy the sensory experience Indagare's carefully blended facial oils offer


Notes about taking care of your Jade Roller:

  • Please note colours vary with each roller as Jade is a natural resource. Some will contain more white Jade and others more green (our main photo indicates the variance in shades, but every jade roller is beautiful!).
  • The roller is fragile - take care not to drop it and treat it with care. 
  • You can clean your Jade Roller with a soft, damp cloth and dry it thoroughly before putting it away. You shouldn’t need to clean it often - be aware of possible corrosion with the metal parts. 
  • If your Jade Roller squeaks, put a tiny drop of your face oil where the jade meets the metal. 


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Suzana S.

Excellent service and high quality products

I have bought jade rollers for my friend who needed them for her training. She was so happy and have said that they were of high quality. I was impressed by Tanya’s communication, her expedience in sending the product and would like to recommend highly her business for the quality of products and except service. Thank you, Tanya. Best wishes with the business. Suzana

Louise B.

So happy I purchased here!

I was looking for a jade roller for a while, scared of the cheap ones on the big e-commerce sites and heard horror stories of broken and fake rollers, yet didn’t want to pay $50 including postage from other Australian sites. This roller from Indagare is fantastic quality, delivery was fast, and the price is really good for what you get (a great quality jade roller with instructions and personal service from the owner who happily and quickly answered questions for me). Thank you - I’ve already placed my next order of other products with you as I was so impressed with everything!

Mary H.

real sturdy!

It was great! Jade felt cool on skin without refrigerated.The roller is very sturdy: the jade are very well attached to the handle. My biggest concern was the attaching piece are cheaply made and can't handle pressure when rolled. And this really surpassed that. Totally recommend it!

Jordan M.

Highly recommend !!!

I’ve been looking into jade rollers for quite sometime, I came across Indagare Natural Beauty and the products intrigued me! I have super sensitive skin so I was looking for something that will nourish my skin without breaking out in a rash or my usually flaky cheeks, I use the prickly pear seed oil with my jade roller usually before bed and it feels amazing and is super soothing especially if it’s out the fridge before hand. My skin is the best it’s been in a long time, I highly recommend trying them out! Thank you Indagare xx

Runi L.


Loving the jade roller so far! Have only used for a short period of time but can see the difference already. Tanya was also very helpful with providing instructions and quick delivery. Thanks Tanya!