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  • April 01, 2023 7 min read

    How To Celebrate Earth Day

    Plus Special Earth Day Promotion 2023: 10% For You + 5% For A Trillion Trees To Celebrate!


    Earth Day 2023

    Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year, and this year's theme is: Invest in Our Planet.


    You can get involved with a range of workshops, panel discussions, and special performances where the organisers will cover natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking to restore the world's ecosystems via the Earth Day website.


    To help you show your support and celebrate our Earth, we've compiled a quick list of ten things you can do on Earth Day – and every day after that – to give back to the environment! 


    (Psst! Read to the end of the article to find out how you can help Indagare protect the planet – and pick up a skincare treat for yourself!)

    1. Plant native plants in your space. 

    Australian Native Plants 


    Even if you only have a small apartment balcony to work with, you can create an oasis of life and give a great home to the native plants of your area. Whether you decide on a lovely potted plant or create a dream vegetable garden (goodbye, nasty pesticides!), having plants in your space will not only improve your mood but will also create clean oxygen. 


    Fun fact: Having native plants around your home invites nearby friends like birds and butterflies! 


    2. Finally, get around to that recycling plan!

    This is an easy one to let slip by in our busy lives. We all mean to create a recycling plan, but as work and our daily activities take over, we tend to let our trash cans fill up without a second thought. Earth Day is a great time to finally do a little digging and discover what you can recycle in your area and where you can best deliver your recyclables. 


    Bonus tip: You can further protect the planet by making a travel plan along with your recycling plan. Maybe you finally invest in that bike to ride to work. Or, perhaps Earth Day is the day you figure out a public transportation or carpool route!


    3. Switch to responsible skincare.

    Many big, commercial skincare brands contain harmful chemicals for your skin, but they don't just put you at unnecessary risk! Some of these ingredients are also incredibly damaging to nearby plant and wildlife via water runoff and pollution. 


    For example, Siloxanes find their way into skin and hair products because they smooth and soften. However, it is thought that they may accumulate in aquatic food chains, making them toxic for fish and other organisms. After high levels were found in several locations in the Nordic countries, Norway is actively assessing the effects of siloxanes. 


    Although many countries have banned Microbeads from personal care products, Australia's approach is based on a voluntary phase-out. You want to be aware of these and vote with your dollars because these gritty plastic microbeads found in body scrubs and exfoliating rinse-off products enter our waterways and soils simply by being used in the shower or sink and washed down the drain, where they can have a damaging effect on marine life.


    In most cases, protecting the environment and protecting your skin work together seamlessly, making this one both a treat for you and the Earth!


    Indagare's take: We love this one, obviously, because skincare with impact is central to our brand! Indagare is committed to ethically sourcing pristine, natural ingredients that take care of your skin and your - and the Earth's! - health better than the chemical-laden mainstream alternatives. But it isn't just the Earth and its creatures we think about when sourcing our ingredients and packaging. Our key ingredients are sourced in a manner that ensures they provide income to small communities.


    4. Use reusable shopping bags.


    By 2017, Australia averaged 3.92 billion plastic shopping bags per year. That's 160 bags per person each year! And while we've been doing our part to cut down on that since the 2018 ban – we've cut our disposable shopping bag use by 80%, to be exact! – there's always more work to do until we reach 100%. 


    So first, here's your reminder that you can recycle those bagsIt's a little-known fact because, let's face it, figuring out which plastics can be recycled – and which can't – sometimes feels like a guessing game. But these bags most certainly can! And secondly, here's your sign to dig up those reusable cloth bags and put them in your car so you can remember them next time you're at the shops. 


    Baggage check: If you don't have reusable cloth bags, check out a local seller or a nearby craft shop for unique designs that help you save the planet! Also, when possible, check out markets and sellers that use recyclable or less packaging because our decrease in plastic means a decrease in our packaging, as well.


    5. Cut your showers short.

    Keep your showers short



    We all love a luxurious shower. However, you can conserve water – and some money – if you can shorten your shower routine a bit. Shaving just two minutes off your usual shower duration can save ten gallons of water – a number that can add up quite quickly!


    Soak it in: We love our baths as much as the next person (the weekly body scrub and Moroccan Hammam routine is something we look forward to!), but it is essential to be mindful that they use significantly more water than a shower does. If you like to soak at the end of a long day, choosing a different way of relaxation some days and only filling the tub as a treat rather than daily indulgence can help cut down on your water use. 


    6. Visit your local market.

    The food that ends up at a big chain grocer usually has travelled a long way to reach the shelf, expending lots of energy along the way. By visiting a farmer's market and buying local, you're not only going to get much better-tasting food, but you'll also be supporting a small business and reducing your carbon footprint. 


    7. Unplug electronics and appliances secretly using energy.

    Unplug Electronics To Save Power

    Many of our electronics continue to use energy even if they're turned off or are in an "idle" mode. Not only does this increase your utility bill, but it also uses precious energy that could instead be conserved. Here's a quick list of the appliances most often left plugged into the wall that tends to suck energy even when they're not in use:


    • Hairdryer
    • Straightener/curling iron
    • Electric shaver
    • Electric toothbrush/charger


    • Coffee maker
    • Toaster oven
    • Kettle
    • Microwave

    Home Office: 

    • Computers (place in sleep mode)
    • Printers
    • Fax machine

    Living Room: Entertainment centres can use lots of energy when idle, but unplugging completely can lead to lost DVR recordings, long loading times, etc. However, consider turning them off if you'll be going out of town or know you'll be too busy to make good use of your television and cable box for a while. 

    Fun fact: Timed power switches are a great way to make sure your home isn't using extra power while you're away! Additionally, power strips can control the flow of energy to multiple devices, like the electronics in a home office. 


    8. Join a community garden.

    Investing time in a community garden is a fun way to get active and access freshly grown produce. It provides a natural habitat and ecosystem for plants and animals in your area, and it offers mental health and social benefits to you and your community.

    Consider composting: Enjoy getting down and dirty? The problem of nutrient-rich soil and carbon emissions is a complicated one, but creating a compost pile that offers fertiliser for your local or personal garden is essential in establishing sustainable food production in our world. 


    9. Get out and enjoy nature.

    Try To Enjoy Nature Daily

    In our business-centric world, it can be easy to forget how essential it is to connect with nature. Spend Earth Day re-establishing your roots with the natural world by enjoying the beauty of nature. Use this time to visit a nearby park, go hiking, or enjoy some time near the ocean. 


    10. Donate to conservation and environmental projects.

    Earth Day was established as a means of showing our support to the environment. Suppose you don't have the time to dedicate to volunteering or getting out into nature. In that case, many worthy organisations are fighting for our planet that need funding assistance – and they'd appreciate any support, no matter how much you can afford to give. 


    Our final thought is:  Protecting and restoring the earth is not just a one-day event, but a continuous effort that we can all contribute to in our daily lives. Simple actions such as reducing our carbon footprint, conserving water, and properly disposing of waste can make a significant impact on the health of our planet. Let's make every day Earth Day by taking small steps towards a more sustainable future.


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    So, if giving your skin toxin-free, luxurious skincare that is made with eco-friendly packaging and REALLY works while also giving back to the Earth sounds like a win top up your organic skincare to SAVE AND HELP INDAGARE TO DONATE A FURTHER 5% TO A TRILLION TREES  here


    Are you looking for more info on Earth Day?

    The official Earth Day website is a great way to find different discussions, workshops, and performances that display the latest and greatest in green technology. Their resources explain exciting ways in which we can work together to restore our ecosystems.