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    The Indagare story

    Indagare Natural Beauty was born from frustration.

    Frustration with the congested, hormonal skin that I'd been trying to fix for more than two decades, but that no products, medication or beauty treatments seemed to be able to help. Frustration at signs of ageing – I loved the honour of getting older, but wanted my skin to retain a youthful vibrancy, plumpness and glow of health. And frustration with the effects of modern-day, unsustainable living practices – on our bodies and the world at large.

    My awakening came in 2013 when I moved to China with my husband and our two young children. Living in "the world's factory" I saw first-hand how the global demand for faster, cheaper and often disposable products is affecting the environment… and our health.

    Every day I had to check the pollution levels to manage my young son's chronic asthma and before making simple decisions, such as whether or not to exercise outdoors. These checks became a ‘normal' part of my day – but I knew that they were anything but normal. I yearned to pare back my family's daily exposure to unnecessary toxins, become a more conscious consumer, and get closer to nature.

    And then, to top it all off, one day I noticed a 'poison' label on one of my regular prescription face creams. The irony did not escape me. I was known as the 'Detox Queen' thanks to the regular detox programs I was always doing at home and at expensive spas. And yet there I was, slathering literal poison onto my skin. Which, let's not forget, is the body's largest organ and absorbs more than 60% of any toxins put on it.

    I suddenly had perfect clarity. My major goals in life morphed into one mission: to live cleaner, connect with Mother Nature, and find a solution to my skin woes. Empowering myself with the knowledge I needed to achieve this mission became an all-consuming passion which culminated in me committing to formally studying Natural Skincare Formulation. What I discovered would blow my mind – and change the course of my life.

    Throughout my endless research and hundreds of formulation trials (taking up to 12 months for every individual product), it was botanicals and oils that captured my heart. The results they delivered couldn't be denied. And it wasn't just me who felt this way: by this time I'd built up an ever-growing list of eager testers and also, excitingly, my first clientele. They all reported the same extraordinary results.

    And so, four years after moving to China, we returned to Australia where Indagare Natural Beauty was officially born.

    Indagare ('IN-da-GAR-ray'), meaning' to investigate' or 'explore' in Latin, was the perfect choice for our business name. I've spent years investigating every angle of the natural beauty industry – including the ingredient lists and often-shocking ethics of mainstream beauty products.

    It was a wake-up call.

    Until then, I'd always assumed that if a product claimed to be 'natural' it must have been through some sort of rigorous, government-approved testing. How wrong I was. Certainly there are ethical products out there, but there's a terrifying number that would fail any test. I was horrified to discover how many 'natural' products include ingredients I'd never dream of using. Or, they feature one natural 'hero' ingredient (often for clever marketing claims) to mask the fact that they also contain damaging preservatives, carcinogens or something similarly shocking. Then there's the fact that so many companies still think it's okay to conduct tests on animals, and continue to pay the people in their supply chain a pittance, putting profit first.

    Which is why I was so clear about what I wanted Indagare Natural Beauty to be. We're a purposefully small, independent family business, still based in Brisbane, Australia. We create only the best-quality natural beauty products, all made here in Australia from the most pristine botanicals on Earth. We always choose certified organic products for our ingredients if possible. These ingredients are sourced in the best possible way: we work with fair-trade family cooperatives in Morocco for several of our key ingredients to ensure people are paid fairly for the work they do. And because we use the best-quality raw ingredients on the planet, our facial oils are so potent that you can actually use less product and enjoy visible results, and a simplified routine.

    With Indagare, I'm realising my dream from all those years ago: to pare back my family's daily exposure to unnecessary toxins, become a more conscious consumer, and get closer to nature. If these values speak to you, I hope you'll give our natural, ethical and luxe self-care products a try. Or, you can just try them because hundreds of verified reviewers who tried them before you say they're gorgeous and they work!

    You can read more about our methods, philosophy and products on our blog. I urge you not only to take a look here, but also at the beauty products in your vanity case or on your bathroom shelves. Those strange names listed in the ingredients might just inspire you to start your own journey of investigation.

    Wishing you good health and glowing skin,

    Tanya Joslin, Founder