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Indagare (in•da•ga•re)  Latin for ’to investigate’ or ‘explore.'

"Indagare Natural Beauty was born from more than two decades of frustration with dealing with congested, hormonal skin — and an awakening to the effects that modern-day, unsustainable living practices are having on our bodies and the world. An investigative journey into both these issues became a consuming personal project and passion, culminating in the formal study of Natural Skincare and finally managing my difficult skin".
Tanya Joslin, Founder

While living in China, I saw first-hand how unconscious consumerism is affecting our environment and our health - it is, after all, the world's factory. 

Checking the pollution levels daily before making simple decisions such as whether to exercise outdoors or how to manage my young son's chronic asthma became normal. A yearning to get closer to nature and pare back daily exposure to unnecessary toxins soon developed.

This longing brought a new consciousness, and after noticing a ‘poison’ label on one of my prescription face creams, I knew it was time to become more empowered about the things I was putting on my skin (after all, it is the body's largest organ and absorbs toxins).

The two issues in my life — wanting to live cleaner and connect with mother-nature and find a solution to my skin woes — morphed into one journey. I began to empower myself through personal investigations and learnings, culminating in formally studying Natural Skincare Formulation.

Throughout it all, it was botanicals and oils that captured my heart, due in large to the results that were being enjoyed not only by myself but also the growing list of clientele and testers.

Four years after moving to China, hundreds of formulation trials and both personal and formal study, and Indagare Natural Beauty was officially born in Brisbane, Australia where we are still based.

If you’ve never used luxurious face oils, we invite you to read more about them on our blog. And, perhaps considering doing your investigation - or, at the very least start researching those strange names in the ingredient list of your current skincare.

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Note: I'm often asked which face oil I love best out of our Signature Night Recovery Oil and Illumino Youth Serum. The truth is I love and use them both, as do many of our regular customers. 

Skin needs change with seasons, hormones, external triggers and multiple other elements such as diet and stress. Additionally, your requirements in the morning are different to those at night. This is why we spent more than a year developing two intelligent, yet very different formulations to complement each other.

Between Illumino and Signature, Indagare offers an oil that best synchronises with your skin as its needs change.