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  • January 20, 2023 5 min read

    Rosehip Oil: 7 Amazing Benefits for Your Skin

    Rosehip oil may be an ingredient that dates back centuries. Still, this skin saviour is now beloved by millions worldwide for its ability to even out the skin, regenerate and heal, and help with anti-ageing, elasticity, and collagen production. Discover why this key ingredient in Indagare's Signature Night Recovery Oil is back in the spotlight and has stood the test of time.  

    Rosehip Oil Skin Benefits


    If you want to turn your skin’s health around and take back your skin’s youthful vibrancy, you’ll have to stop and smell the roses. Or, stop and grab a skincare elixir whose formula includes the best quality rosehip oil (preferably along with other incredible skin-beautifying ingredients, so you get a complete blend of skin nutrition)!

    This ancient ingredient is again enjoying the spotlight for its revolutionary ability to naturally infuse skin with everything it needs to look young and healthy, such as antioxidants, fatty acids and the essential vitamins that give skin a petal-soft, vibrantly healthy6 appearance.

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    Rosehip oil isn’t the same as rose oil. This one comes from the fruit of the rose plant underneath those precious petals. And while roses in general are wonderful for skin, rosehip oil boasts its own set of amazing benefits to give you results you’ll love.


    Restore and renew your skin starting today and get these 7 benefits from rosehip oil!


    1. Extraordinarily rich in nutrients

    Applying Rosehip Oil to Skin

    Rosehip oil is loaded with a bounty of vitamins and antioxidants that do wonders for your skin. The content of vitamin C in rosehip oil is nearly 60 times more than the content in citrus fruits. This vitamin alone fights those awful free radicals and helps skin with healthy turnover so that pigmentation fades and skin looks brighter.


    But it also has vitamin A, wonderful for smoothing wrinkles and lines. Yes, that’s the same as retinol, however, this version of this nourishing skin-loving vitamin is in beta-carotene which is easier for skin to absorb without irritation. That means rosehip oil is great for you if you can’t tolerate retinol all that well.


    And then, there’s lycopene, a carotenoid that you’re likely familiar with in tomatoes. This antioxidant is superb for protecting from environmental damages and skin repair. While there are other nutrients that help make rosehip oil an all-star in your anti-ageing skincare routine, these are the heavy hitters that will give you the results you desire.


    2. Intense moisturisation through fatty acids

    Signature Night Recovery Oil Delivers Mega Dose Omega Fatty Acids


    Rosehip oil has a high concentration of fatty acids including omega-3 and omega-6 which go by linolenic acid and linoleic acid, respectively. Both are considered essential because your body can’t create these on its own. When you use a product that with rosehip oil, such as Indagare’s award-winning Signature Night Recovery Oil, it locks in that natural hydration your skin is missing. Plus, rosehip (and our luxurious night oil!) is a non-greasy oil that feels soothing and replenishing on skin.


    3. Retinol-like results

    Let’s backtrack a bit to that vitamin A. This ultra-rich vitamin is a must for that smooth skin because it helps it refresh. By supporting natural collagen production, vitamin A restores elasticity, brightens, and creates an even tone. That means wrinkles ebb away and you get the same kind of results experienced with retinol, yet without that irritation. So, any skin type, even sensitive, can use rosehip oil.


    4. Fights free radicals

    Oxidative stress is all around us. You definitely need something fighting for you as you age. When you use a product that includes rosehip oil, you infuse skin with antioxidants that target these free radicals and destroy them. Not only does it renew your skin but it also keeps it protected so that you can prevent the signs of ageing.


    5. Soothes irritation

    Rosehip Oil Soothes Irritation

    Another vitamin found in rosehip oil is vitamin E. This antioxidant vitamin is ideal for calming inflammation. Your skin will look calmer when rosehip oil is part of your routine’s ingredient deck and exude a healthy and refreshed glow.


    6. Beat breakouts

    Something else that vitamin E does is clear away blemishes quite well. Many women are surprised as they age, blemishes become something to contend with yet again. It’s not all that surprising though since the breakout cycle happens when the skin produces too much oil that traps debris inside the pores. The skin overcompensates for feeling dried out, a common trouble for ageing skin and thus, the cycle continues. That is, until you start incorporating a professionally formulated face oil into your routine, and preferably one that includes rosehip oil. Since it’s so soothing too, it will relieve any irritation blemishes cause and clear your skin up again.

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    7. Boosted collagen production

    Since collagen upholds the structure of your skin, it is critical to keeping the production of it thriving. Collagen is what’s behind skin elasticity and firmness. With every birthday, your body makes less and less of it. That’s why using something with rosehip oil and its high levels of vitamins A and C can help. Specifically, rosehip oil inhibits the enzyme that breaks collagen down in the body. It’s never too early to start giving your skin what it needs through rosehip oil to keep that collagen production going strong!


    How to Use Rosehip Oil for Ageing Skin

    Indagare's Night Oil Has Rosehip Oil

    The absolute best way to use a product that includes rosehip oil is to apply it at night. This is when skin cells are their most productive, allowing the nourishing elements of this natural oil to really assist with big changes for the better in your skin.

    When you pair rosehip oil with other youth preserving oils from nature, you’ll cover all your bases to correct and repair ageing skin. However, mixing everything together takes time and formulating skills. And, how can you be sure you’re getting the best quality oils?


    Make it easy on yourself and your skin by choosing Indagare Natural Beauty Signature Night Recovery Face Oil. With the bounty of vitamins in rosehip oil plus other stellar ingredients such as the rare and incredible prickly pear seed oil, fresh argan oil  sent each month directly from Berber families in Morocco, and a total of 18 incredible botanicals that are gentle enough for all skin-types (super sensitive skin may want to add a few drops of this oil to their favourite night cream, the rest of us can just apply 4-5 drops to damp, clean skin), you can sleep your way to more beautiful skin by morning.


    This award-winning formula is something every woman over 40 needs in her skincare routine. However, anyone that wants to plump up skin, relieve breakouts and irritation, and simply wake up with a refreshed and revitalised look can certainly benefit from this infusion of some of the world’s most pristine botanicals. It’s an absolute treat for the skin!