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  • May 03, 2023 5 min read

    5 Reasons You Need to Start Using a Body Oil Right This Minute!

    Indagare's Body Oil - Woman Sitting in Chair

    The ancient Greeks really knew how to live. They knew how to beautify too. Many of society's inspirations with today's beauty rituals come to us from these ancient cultures. And, perhaps more so now than ever in modern history,  people are returning to pure ingredients from the earth to nourish their skin and bodies.

    A great example of how ancient civilisations relished their natural oils can be found with olive oil. Olive oil was called liquid gold by Homer, and it had an almost mythical status in ancient Greece - they'd apply it to their hair, face and body! But it wasn't just the ancient Greeks. Archeologists have been able to ascertain from burial sites and hieroglyphics, that the ancient Egyptians also used a variety of plant-based oils on the skin.

    Any previous reservations around using oils on your body were based on false information of how oils can make you feel greasy or clog pores (some do make you feel this way, but when you choose a professionally formulated body oil you shouldn't find this an issue). When using the right oils for your skin, you won't feel slicked down or clogged up. In fact, natural and organic body oils are one of the best things you can use on your skin - but of course, some do absorb better than others!

    Here are five reasons why you really ought to try a good quality, fast-absorbing body oil immediately!


    1. All the nourishment without the toxins

    It's not that there's anything wrong with natural formulations of body lotions, creams, or moisturisers. Still, many of them are around 60% water and some use 'fragrance' (some 3000 toxins can be found in synthetic fragrances). The right body oil can give you that extra, deep skin hydration you've been missing as most body oils are just that – pure, unadulterated plant oils that are full of antioxidants, vitamins and skin nourishment. 

    If an organic body oil has a scent, it would most likely be from quality essential oils, rather than synthetic fragrances. Essential oils not only bring a sensory element to the body oil ritual, but each has its unique benefits for skin health, too. 

     And, your skin absorbs close to 60 per cent of what you put on it. So, when you consider the skin on your body is the most significant surface area of skin, you can really decrease your exposure to unnecessary toxins and parabens by replacing a mainstream body cream with a high quality pure, organic body oil.


    1. It pulls double-duty

    These days, who doesn't love a product that multi-tasks as hard as you do? A good quality body oil can also be used to tame frizz and hydrate dry ends of your hair - and don't forget to rub the excess into your hands!

    Or, use your body oil with a Gua Sha, particularly one that is shaped with grooves, such as a tear-drop Gua Sha. These grooves allow you to enjoy a deep tissue at-home body massage whenever you feel any tension, while the smooth side allows for a lighter massage. Using your Gua Sha with a body oil on your legs and thighs is an excellent treatment for breaking down fat deposits as it works to improve blood flow beneath the skin, which is detoxifying.


    1. Get natural and effective skin repair

      Use a body oil for fabulous, healthy skin on your precious body.

    No matter what skin concerns you happen to have – irritated skin, stretch marks, cellulite, dryness, or loss of elasticity – using body oil can really turn things around. 

    Sea-buckthorn oil  is an example of a botanical oil that contains the complex lipids which include phospholipids and glycolipids (known to moisturise and soften the epidermis). It is a fabulous ingredient to help improve the elasticity of the skin while accelerating its regeneration and cell renewal. 

     Lavender calms your skin and your mood while geranium boosts elasticity and carrot seed tones skin and muscles. Every essential oil has a unique benefit to make you look and feel your best and Indagare's Relax & Nourish  Body Oil harnesses a luxurious blend of 18 potent skin-regenerating oils, including Seabuckthorn, Egyptian Geranium, Carrot Seed and Lavender oils.


    1. It's a natural way to stay fragrant

    Body Oils Give a Natural Scent

    Do you love the smell of perfume but aren't a huge fan of all those unnatural chemicals? Body oil is right up your alley then! When you've got a beautiful blend of the best organic essential oils, nothing smells better than nature itself. A body oil can often retain an aroma so you can enjoy a subtle yet luscious scent hours after applying it.


    1. Body oils can help the body and mind relax 

    Because a body oil is so easy to work into the skin - particularly a fast-absorbing one like Indagare's Relax & Nourish - and a little goes such a long way, every day can feel like a spa day. Not only will your skin look and feel beautifully nourished and smooth, but take a minute or two to enjoy the ritual and calm the mind while you 'get in the moment' and you'll also feel like you've hit the reset button in your brain. The relaxing natural aromas can whisk you away to a happier place, allowing you to leave stress behind right before bed - or any time of the day, for that matter! 


    Tips for Using Your Body Oil:

    1. If you have a body scrub, try to use this twice weekly to keep skin buffed and receptive to your body oil. Alternatively, use a dry brush a few times a week. Either of these done before your body oil is lovely, but not essential.


    1. Apply your body oil to slightly damp skin, just after stepping out of the bath or shower and roughly drying off. The water and oil will emulsify together and will create a lightweight barrier to hold moisture into the skin. Concentrate on dry patches, such as your elbows and knees


    Are you worried about body oil staining your sheets? Don't be! Indagare's Relax & Nourish Organic Body Oil is super nourishing, but it is designed to absorb fast, locking deep into your skin to restore elasticity and health while you rest easy.

    The divine formula won Editor's Choice at the prestigious Beauty Shortlist Awards (2020) and is designed to benefit both the body and the mind.

    Take a few seconds to inhale the delicate scent - warm the oil in your hands and take three deep breaths. There's a hint of Rose (shown to help with anxiety) and tones of Neroli (known for its soothing and relaxing properties). You may also notice a base scent of earthy Sandalwood (ancient cultures used this relaxation and anxiety relief) and Vetiver (incredibly grounding and relaxing before bed). 

    There are many other essential oils in this luxurious blend, each chosen for their ability to relax and unwind the mind or incredible skin benefits, such as the most incredible Argan oil sent directly from our fair-trade partners of Berber families in rural Morocco (Argan is such a superstar when it comes to moisturising dry, flaky skin) and Carrot Seed which is known to tighten and tone skin. Apply the oil on damp skin as detailed above. Wake up to improved skin and scars, sun damage, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone gradually fading away - and no stained sheets!

    Using a gorgeous blend of botanical oils to nourish and repair the skin of our precious bodies is happily making a comeback from ancient days to modern times. We think once you try it yourself, you'll never look back!  


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