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Give the gift of natural and organic skincare for Christmas!

Posted by Tanya Joslin on

Indagare Natural Beauty is launching a 12 Days of Christmas Promotion, starting November 14 and running until November 26, 2018! 

Christmas Beauty Gifts - Starting at Under $25! 

Check out the fantastic discounts and exclusive packs – available for 12 days from November 14! With gift ideas under $25 and Bundle Offers that include our most luxurious items, your friends and family will love how you ditched the malls and cliched, mass-produced products and came up with unique, healthy and luxe beauty gifts this year!

Christmas Gifts Under $25

Use the code: UNDER25 at check out on any of the following items to get the discounted price!

EXFOLIATE, DETOXIFY AND NOURISH with this gorgeous treat for body, hands & feet. Pure & natural - free of synthetic ingredients and nasties! A blend of certified organic raw sugar and detoxifying Himalayan salt cleanses and exfoliates dead skin, while Jojoba and macadamia oils are used at just the right amount so skin is moisturised but not left feeling greasy. To this nourishing blend, we add the essential oils of intoxicating rose, soothing lavender, and skin-awakening neroli. The result is a beautiful spa-like treatment that will help exfoliate and polish your skin while and nourishing it. Predominantly organic ingredients - and at 250 grams a generous size pack.


USE CODE UNDER25 to get the discounted price of just $22.40!



LOVE YOUR LOCKS with Indagare’s luxurious hair oil. Formulated from mostly organic ingredients, this potent, organic hair oil draws on time-honoured hair beautifying and proven treatments from ancient cultures around the globe. Camellia Oil has been used by Japanese Geishas for centuries and encourages the growth of healthy hair. Argan oil boasts natural properties to help scalps plagued by dandruff and irritation. In Ayurvedic medicine, Sesame oil is respected for its ability to restore lustre to locks while Sacha Inchi is packed with omega 3s which help restructure and protect the hair. To this beautiful mix we add the essential oils of Grapefruit oil for its excellent ability to add shine to hair, Ylang-Ylang for its conditioning powers and Rosemary and Cedarwood to help stimulate hair growth and increase circulation to the scalp. Finally, Tumeric is an important addition and helps to prevent hair-loss by promoting healthy hair follicles.

Organic Hair Oil

USE CODE: UNDER25 to get the discounted price of just $23.20!


Rhassoul Clay - 60 Gram Jar usually $24 (just $19.20). 


NOURISH, PURIFY AND BALANCE with pure Rhassoul Clay. Amazing for drawing out impurities and detoxifying skin, yet remarkably gentle so any skin type can use it. Rhassoul Clay (also known as Ghassoul) is found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, and Indagare’s Pure Rhassoul Clay is of the very best quality as we go directly to Morocco to get the purest clay possible. The clay is collected, sun-dried and sifted in the traditional manner to preserve its original chemical composition. Rhassoul Clay exhibits high levels of ions exchange which helps purify skin through absorption of toxins and is composed of 100% minerals and trace elements, is rich in magnesium, silica potassium, and calcium, which all help to nourish the skin while simultaneously purifying it. The result is incredibly clean skin with re ned pores and dead skin cells removed. Oh, and it feels silky soft and hydrated too!

USE CODE UNDER25 to get the discounted price of just $19.20



Special Bundles for Christmas - some of these have been introduced as limited editions, others are regular sets with awesome bonus inclusions:

 A limited edition set with our ever-popular Jade Roller and a beautiful Aventurine heart shaped Gua Sha. The perfect gift for yourself or somebody special!  The Jade Roller is wonderful for regular gentle massage while the Gua Sha allows you to focus on a deeper, firmer technique. 



We can't tell you how often we hear from our female customers that their man is stealing their face oil, so while this is not necessarily a men's product, we did have in mind the need to offer a unisex option - something less florally and pretty. Meet our latest edition - made from the highest quality Argan and Prickly Pear Seed oils, sourced from the same co-operative in rural Morocco we've worked with since launching. This multitasker is quite possibly a limited edition, brought in specifically for Christmas 2018 and a great option for your partner, father, teenager or anybody wanting to enjoy a beautiful, organic and scent free skin, beard, body and hair care oil.  Also perfect for those with highly sensitive skin or who choose to avoid essential oils for any reason. 

Use the Code: KONJAC to get a FREE Konjac Sponge valued at $12.90



 These special offers are only available for the 12 days from November 14th to 26th. We are a small-batch, artisanal skincare company and as such we can not guarantee the stock will remain the whole 12 days as we make our products in fresh, small batches with production in line with demand at any given time to ensure the inherent nutrients are always respected. You can purchase any of these special offers or bundles throughout the 12 days only, and only while stocks last. Happy holidays!



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