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How to Boost The Benefits of Your Indagare Face Oils


Applying Your Indagare Face Oil



If you're wondering how to get the best from your Indagare Natural Beauty facial oils, here are a few simple tips we've learnt over years of R&D in this natural beauty field. Knowing the best ways to apply, layer, and store these luxurious natural oils means you'll enjoy maximum skin-beautifying benefits. Glow town, this way…


Prep makes perfect

Like so many things in life, a little preparation goes a long way. A regular exfoliating mask treatment, such as Atonement Superfood Clay Face Mask, will slough off dead skin cells, promote radiance, and boost skincare absorption. 


Just add water


Hydrate Skin With Water Before Oils

While our waterless formulas mean that we can skip adding preservatives and focus purely on ingredients that feed and nurture the skin, culminating in nutrient-dense formulas, our skin still needs water, so it helps to ensure your skin is damp when you apply your face oils. Tap water is perfectly fine, so our favourite method is to apply oils directly after a shower or bath when freshly cleansed, slightly steamed skin will drink up the benefits. Bonus points? This saves you from having to buy an extra product!


However, if you can't resist an uplifting spritz, another option is to use a face mist or hydrosol before applying your oils. Haven't discovered hydrosols yet? Often called 'floral waters', they're the aromatic water retained after distilling plants such as lavender. These magical mists deliver a dose of dewy hydration that can set the scene for the rest of your routine (look out for ours, launching soon!). 


Know the right order

We're often asked about the correct order to apply skincare. It can be confusing, especially if you have complex, ten-step routine (not necessary, we promise!). But the answer does matter when it comes to boosting, and not negating, your skincare's benefits. So, here's a quick refresher.


First, start with clean, slightly damp skin. Then, as a rule of thumb, layer your products from the thinnest/lightest formulation to the thickest/heaviest. Your last product should be the most occlusive, or thickest, meaning it will lock in hydration. Think: lightweight face mist/toner followed by a serum or retinol if used, then oil and/or moisturiser. For a super streamlined routine, try: mist, Illumino Youth Serum, sunscreen in the morning, and cleanse, Signature Night Recovery Oil, face cream at night. You can also layer our two face oils at night for a powerhouse while-you-sleep treat.


Do mix and match

Indagare Range of Skincare


Many customers say they achieved their best skin ever by skipping moisturisers and serums in favour of Indagare oils – but you can certainly build them into your existing routine. Some customers even pop a few drops of oil into their favourite face creams to super-charge them. Both our fast-absorbing face oils can be used alone for hydration and healing or layered with other favourites, including retinols. For thirsty skin, they work well under a luscious face cream. If you prefer a lightweight moisturiser, apply your oil after. 


Less is more

One of the most important things to know about our face oils is you only need a few drops. Unlike traditional moisturisers, which have a high-water content, our oils are nutrient-dense, concentrated, and extremely potent. Our waterless formula is free from preservatives and brimming with vitamins, omega fatty acids, and skin-beautifying ingredients! So, while it's tempting to slather on these divine-smelling elixirs, 4-6 drops are enough (meaning one bottle lasts and lasts!). 


Warm the drops in your fingertips then gently press, rather than rub, into your face, neck, and décolletage. You might like to use a little more when you reach for Relax & Nourish Organic Body Oil, ideal as a nourishing massage oil when you step out of the bath or shower.


Give it a minute…

Another top tip? Leave a minute or two between products to allow each to penetrate the skin, remembering not to layer over a product that still feels 'wet'. We love utilising this time for other morning or evening rituals. Clean your teeth, cue up a podcast, unpack the dishwasher or try a toxin-busting body brushing treatment. You'll be surprised at how double-duty your skincare routine can become.


Store with care

Did you know UV light can compromise the efficacy of many beauty products over time? It's not unlike the way the sun accelerates ageing in our skin! Because light, heat, and air can degrade active ingredients, we researched every detail of our packaging to ensure your precious oils travel safely and retain their potency. Their high antioxidant count also assists in keeping the oils fresh and active. 


Ideally, oils should be kept in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. They don't require refrigeration unless you don't plan to use them for some time (save that for your jade roller and gua sha) but swap the fluctuating temperatures of a vanity sink for the shelter of a beauty drawer or cupboard. Also, a good tip if you don't fancy sharing your precious oils with a heavy-handed partner! You can help keep your oils good to the very last drop by always replacing the pipette (applicator) and closing the lid of your ampule firmly after each use.


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Words: Nicole Deuble

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