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by Tanya Joslin February 07, 2022 5 min read

Discover Why Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth is a Game-Changer




Delightfully fragrant, rosemary is a herb you can count on in your kitchen. But did you know you can also count on it in your hair-care kit too? 


In recent years, Rosemary oil for hair has become a big thing as research sheds light on how this anti-inflammatory herb can improve hair growth and strength, even for those with alopecia. A study from 2015 compared hair growth effects with rosemary oil for hair and minoxidil, the latter of which is the main ingredient in Rogaine and other hair loss treatments. In that study, no difference was found between each of the testing groups. Pretty amazing for an all-natural, toxin-free ingredient, right?


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The research is great news for those with hair and scalp woes. What's particularly fascinating is that, while both groups showed the same amount of growth after six months of the study trial, only the ones that used rosemary oil for hair had less itching of the scalp. So, no toxins AND no side-effects. Wow!

Read on to find out how rosemary oil can help your hair growth and deliver other incredible hair-health benefits such as shine, strength and even dandruff prevention!


What Benefits Rosemary Oil Can Give Your Hair

When you use rosemary oil for hair, science and nature are on your side. Why use a prescription drug if you don't need to? And when it comes to hair growth and health, the science confirms that rosemary is a super-hero ingredient for hair! Here's how rosemary can help your hair look and feel its best!


- Improved circulation

If you want healthy, thick, and luscious hair, you must start at the scalp. And that's precisely what rosemary oil does. It acts as a vasodilator, which opens and dilates blood vessels to allow better blood flow. As blood infuses the cells in your scalp with oxygen and other nutrients, it helps those hair follicles replenish and thrive.


- Promotes healthy hair growth

Because rosemary oil for hair can increase hair growth in the same way that minoxidil can, it is an ideal ingredient to help replenish hair without any nasty side effects. Since it helps the scalp get the circulation it needs, rosemary is a supremely natural way to support healthy hair to thrive, even for those with alopecia areata. 


- Stronger hair

As if it's not already awesome, rosemary oil for hair will help protect it from breakage and damage, which should halt some types of hair loss. It can make hair stronger, thicker, and brighter in its natural colour with continued use. Some say hair also becomes denser, more elastic, and shinier too, giving you more reasons to use this remarkable hair oil. 


- Soothes the scalp

Who wants an itchy, dry scalp? No one, that's who! Rosemary oil is already anti-inflammatory which helps a great deal. Though it also contains something called carnosic acid, which helps restore skin and tissues. This is why rosemary oil is so revered in the beauty world because it can keep your scalp comfortable and help restore its overall health.


- Helps halt hair loss

Along with all the other points above, it's worth mentioning that rosemary oil for hair may be just what you need to prevent hair loss, something around 40% of women can experience in their life. Since it prevents breakage and improves the health of your scalp while it stops inflammation, it is an essential ingredient you need in your hair care routine to stop hair fall and start seeing new hair growth. 


Even men may find cause for applause when it comes to rosemary oil for hair. When it comes to male pattern baldness, a study from 2013 showed that rosemary leaf extract was essential for restoring hair loss triggered by testosterone. 


While hair loss is sometimes hereditary, those with fungal or bacterial infections of the scalp may also find rosemary oil for hair a beneficial ingredient. In a 2017 study, this excellent oil helped defeat fungi and bacteria on the scalp. 


- Dandruff prevention

In line with that antibacterial and antifungal profile, rosemary oil for hair can help with dandruff and even prevent it. This soothing ingredient helps relieve scalp discomfort so you can go about your day without itching and flakes embarrassing you.


Who Should Use Rosemary Oil for Hair?

Indagare's Hair Renewal Oil


Anyone can use rosemary oil for hair. It's safe for every hair type, even if you've colour-treated your hair. However, we always recommend that pregnant women do not use any product with essential oils without consulting their doctor first.


There is one important thing to know with rosemary oil for hair. Experts say that you need to be consistent with applying it to your hair and scalp if you want to get results. That's why you need to find a product that you'll make use of every day to see positive changes in your hair's health. 


The Best Rosemary Oil for Hair

If you want to help your scalp and hair health so that you get that luscious, thick, and beautiful mane, the rosemary oil for hair product that you need in your life is Indagare's Organic Hair Renewal Oil. This proprietary formula has nabbed the coveted BEST Hair Oil award from the Beauty Shortlist Awards, the most prestigious natural beauty awards globally.


This lovely hair oil has what it takes for benefiting your hair growth, minimise grey, and relieve dandruff for your healthiest hair. This lightweight formula includes rosemary oil and other helpful ingredients to tame your tresses and help them grow. When you use Indagare's Organic Hair Renewal Oil, you'll see shiny, soft, and frizz-free hair that's naturally beautiful.


It contains the secret of ancient geishas with camellia oil to stimulate your scalp and condition hair. There's argan oil for better shine and less irritation, plus a bounty of others, including sesame oil, macadamia oil, sacha inchi, and peppermint essential oil - ingredients that ancient cultures have used for centuries and are finally being established as super-hero hair ingredients by modern science.


Make this rosemary hair oil a regular in your beauty treatments, and you're going to love the way you look, naturally! Leave it on overnight to condition your scalp and help stimulate hair growth for fuller, healthier, and thicker hair. Indagare's Organic Hair Renewal Oil is multi-tasking, too, so feel free to use it on ends to hydrate and help with split ends, or, if you are short of time, pop it all over your scalp and hair ten minutes before washing to a deep conditioning treatment.





















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