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  • April 24, 2023 5 min read

    This Morning Routine Will Make You Feel Great All Day Long!
    Follow This Morning Routine

    A morning routine can truly make or break your day. If you are having difficulty getting motivated to rise and shine and get out that door feeling energised and positive for the day ahead, start your mornings with these helpful hacks and watch as you start feeling ready for whatever life throws your way!

    Start Off with Creativity

    Routines always sound like a chore; in a way, they are, but they keep us grounded and organised. If you're the sort that can't stand mornings, or find the busyness overwhelming, adding a touch of imagination to your morning routine could help manage any overwhelm.

    Once you get up, push the 'brew' button on your coffeemaker or steep a herbal tea, then do a creative activity of your choosing for 10 minutes. It could be drawing, crafting, dancing, knitting, gardening, playing with pets, singing, reading, or even trying out a new frittata or healthy smoothie recipe for breakfast.

    The point is to embrace creative activities before the rest of your day overwhelms you. Carving out this time first thing in the morning dramatically influences how productive, peaceful, and organised you'll feel for the rest of the day.

    Engaging in creative behaviours also helps improves brain function, mental health, and physical health - so, there’s plenty of great reasons to find ten minutes each morning for creativity.

    Create or Review That To-Do List

    To Do List


    Some people prefer to write their to-do list for the next day the night before. Others leave it until morning. Whatever the case, if it's already written, read it over, and if not, put pen to paper before the day gets too far ahead. You can then strategise your priorities and be ready for them to knock them off that list. Lists may sound boring, but they allow us to purposely choose where we put our time and energy, giving us the power we need to take control of our own lives.

    Don’t Look at Your Phone…Yet!

    Our smartphones have no doubt made our lives more convenient in many ways. But they can also drain us through stimulation and putting stress right up front immediately. And, let's be honest, there are rarely good-news headlines (reading the news on our phones first thing in the morning often makes us worry and less productive).

    Yes, you have to look at these things sometimes, and you can't walk around with your head in the sand. Bills need to be paid, and that email from work needs to be responded to. But delay it a bit and maintain that calm you've just cultivated from your creative activity for a while longer.

    Additionally, you can be in a time suck when you look at your phone too early. Who hasn't lost themselves in newsfeeds only to realise they've spent 20 minutes fooling around?


    Write a Morning Page

    Write Morning Pages for Clarity

    You may not fancy yourself a writer, but writing is a great way to engage your creativity. It's also wonderful for word-dumping out your stress. There's nothing to it, really. Just let the words flow of whatever crosses your mind. It doesn't need to be poetic or profound. Simply jot down all the thoughts that roll through your mind like tumbleweeds.

    This puts you more in touch with yourself and your emotions. Grab a cute journal to use and a good pen, and set it by your bedside. When you wake up, reach for it, and then let loose whatever comes to mind. It's private and personal, allowing you to authentically speak your mind and let go of your feelings.


    Revive Your Skin

    Awaken Skin in the morning

    Yes, you will want to wash your face and get a move on at some point in the morning before you jet out the door. But going through the motions without intentions is no way to do skincare.

    You can still pamper your skin even when short on time - it doesn't need to be complicated; it just needs to be effective. Making it more of a self-care experience is better for your skin and your mentality.

    Using a biodegradable konjac sponge is a great way to make the most of your cleansing step - it's quick, toxin-free, and does a few essential steps in less than a minute. Since it helps kill blemish-causing bacteria, it encourages clearer skin, stimulates healthy blood flow and cellular turnover, balances your skin's pH, and leaves you with smooth, refreshed, and beautiful skin.

    For the uninitiated, a konjac sponge is a soft, gentle exfoliating tool initially created by Japanese farmers to cleanse a baby's skin safely. The eco-friendly option effectively buffs away dead or dry skin cells while being fully biodegradable, making it safe for the environment and your skin! These sponges have been used in Japanese and Korean beauty routines for a long time but are now popular worldwide for everyday face cleansing.


    Don't stop there, though!

    Shine bright and start your day feeling confident with Illumino Youth Serum.

    Best Prickly Pear Seed Oil Australia

    This all-natural organic face oil works with almost all skin types and sinks right into the skin, hydrating it but not leaving it greasy. Packed with nutrients that provide deep nourishment all day long, it contains top-quality certified-organic prickly pear seed oil, which is high in Vitamin K for skin-brightening and Vitamin E for nourishing, plus neroli, a natural source of Vitamin C to help fight the signs of ageing and bring out your natural radiance.

    Softer, plumper and super-hydrated skin are just what you need to feel great all day long - and, thanks to lightweight prickly pear seed oil, Illumino allows any makeup to settle onto the skin softly and naturally, gliding along rather than getting caught on dry spots. You can also add a few drops of oil into the palm of your hand, add a tiny bit of foundation, and create a beautiful tinted moisturiser. Whatever you choose, your foundation — and skin — will love Illumino Youth Serum as part of your morning skincare routine.

    One Last Tip for the Morning…

    Make your bed



    Once you nourish your skin, take a moment to make your bed. Making your bed ensures that no matter what, you’ve accomplished something for the day. Plus, when you get home at the end of your day and do your nightly skincare regimen, you’ll see how inviting and lovely it looks. This will make you more inclined to get to bed at the right time.

    A morning routine incorporating the above can be a great way to kickstart your day in the right direction and bring more joy and happiness. Taking care of your physical and mental needs in the morning can help you feel more secure, reduce stress, and make it easier to focus on the tasks ahead. And keep in mind that rather than adding more to your day, a morning routine that incorporates mental and physical well-being will eventually lead to greater productivity and improved health.

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