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Some things are non-negotiable to us here at Indagare Natural Beauty.

There are a few important principals that guide our decisions as we strive to source the highest quality raw ingredients, packaging and final product. They include:

  • Certified Organic ingredients as first-choice. We believe that certified organic ingredients are inherently better for your skin and undoubtedly better for the environment. Our Signature Night Recovery Oil is created from more than 98% certified-organic ingredients while Illumino Youth Serum is made from 100% certified organic ingredients.
  • Truly Botanical.  Every single drop that is incorporated in the Indagare range has therapeutical benefits. Many are considered super-stars in the natural beauty world.We never use artificial ingredients such as petroleum, sulfates, parabens, synthetic preservatives, artificial colours or fragrances or mineral oils.  You will be feeding and nourishing your skin with nutrient rich, synergistic ingredients when you introduce our botanical face oils into your beauty routine.
  • Socially conscious. Indagare's prickly pear seed and Argan oils are sent over in small, fresh batches from women's co-ops in rural Morocco. By working with these communities, not only do we offer our customers the best quality, certified-organic oils, but we can all feel good knowing that much-needed jobs are being created and that our choices are benefiting the economic and social development of rural areas of Morocco, rather than huge corporations.
  • Luxurious.  We know that as busy women, sneaking a few minutes each day for our skincare ritual isn't always easy, and so we wanted to bring a sensory experience to your daily skin care regime, as well as distinct physical benefits. From the subtle scents to the way the product feels on your skin and even the packaging, we have endeavored to create super effective products that help simplify your skincare routine, yet still feel somewhat indulgent.
  • Sustainable packaging.  Our white glass bottle for Illumino was specifically commissioned to be both sustainable and to capture this unique oil's ability to brighten skin. At the same time, we needed to ensure that the 18 precious oils in our Signature Night Recovery Oil were not only preserved, but preferably enhanced, so chose the luxurious Miron glass bottle. Miron glass has a natural ability to block light and was developed as early as 1600 AD when it was used as a container for energetic medicine. We hope you find a way to reuse the glass bottles and find a way to put the bespoke tubular boxes to use or recycle them. Any other packaging used used in our range is recyclable.
  • Cruelty-Free. No animal testing, no animal products. Vegan-friendly.
  • Micro batches. By creating our luxurious beauty elixirs in small batches in line with orders, we can ensure the ultimate in efficacy, and that your skin is getting the most active and inherent vitamins, omega fatty acids and phytonutrients in every bottle.


    "Indagare Natural Beauty’s clean, non-toxic blends are designed to penetrate their youth-preserving nutrients deeply, restoring natural health back to the skin."