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  • Atonement - Superfood Clay Face Mask

    • Atonement – Superfood Clay Face Masque

      WINNER - Best Face Mask Superfood, Beauty Shortlist Awards (Global Awards), 2023

      Enjoy dramatically smoother, brighter skin with this innovative four-in-one face mask. 

      Fantastic for problem skin and mature skin alike, Atonement Superfood Clay Masque is for anyone who wants extraordinary results without a complicated beauty routine. All it takes is 10 minutes and one simple application and, chances are, you'll look and feel as though you've just had an expensive facial!

      Atonement's award-winning formula is powered by enzymes from pineapple as well as natural BHA from white willow bark extracts. Together, they help to restore the skin's vibrancy, refine pores and banish dullness. 

      After each use, your skin will appear smoother, firmer and beautifully nourished. Expect compliments after you've used Atonement!

      Atonement Superfood Clay Masque works in four stages:

      IT BRIGHTENS: The mask sloughs off radiance-blocking dead skin cells while fighting inflammation and calming breakouts.

      IT PURIFIES: The clays draw impurities to the surface of the skin: when you wash the mask away, the toxins go with it.

      IT NOURISHES: Potent superfoods offer fantastic antioxidant properties. They stimulate skin regeneration and give the skin a mega-dose of vitamins and hydration, leaving the complexion radiant and refreshed.

      IT EXFOLIATES: Bamboo powder lends its collagen-enhancing powers as the mask dries. It then pulls double duty as a gentle, yet effective exfoliant when you massage the mask off, revealing radiant, healthy-looking skin.

      Key ingredients and their benefits:

      • Rhassoul and French green clay, which draw impurities from the pores to detoxify and purify skin
      • Cranberries, which contain vitamins E and C, and also resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties
      • Other superfoods, such as pomegranate, green tea and olive leaf powder, which are packed with antioxidants that help protect cell membranes from oxidative damage, and soothe, nourish and brighten skin
      • AHAs from hibiscus herbs, which exfoliate and promote rapid cellular turnover
      • Bromelain enzymes from pineapple, which help smooth the skin's appearance
      • Salicylic acid from white willow powder, which works to slough off dead skin cells, aids with congestion, and treats and prevents breakouts while refining the appearance of pores
      • Organic aloe vera powder, which has legendary hydrating, healing and soothing powers
      • Bamboo powder, which is naturally rich in silica and helps to replenish collagen in the skin while absorbing dirt and bacteria, is also a phenomenal, yet gentle exfoliant – simply massage the skin in small circles to remove the mask and reveal a healthy, glowing complexion.

      This unique superfood face mask can be used twice a week for optimum skin health.

      For ease of application, use the Indagare Vegan Face Mask Brush.

      Ingredients: Rhassoul clay, French green clay (Argiletz), aloe vera powder, hibiscus powder, white willow bark powder, bamboo silica powder, pineapple extract powder, cranberry powder extract, pomegranate powder, green tea powder, olive leaf powder.




    • Directions:

      Mix approximately one good teaspoon of clay with nearly the same amount of water to form a rich paste. Apply it to skin with your Vegan Mask Brush and leave for 10-15 minutes. We recommend applying your Organic Hair Renewal Oil at this time so you get a lovely at-home spa treatment for both hair and skin.

      Dampen your fingers to rehydrate the mask and be sure to massage in gentle circles -this is where the beautiful bamboo will exfoliate your skin to reveal the radiance beneath. Don't panic if you are a bit red - it is the clays drawing toxins and blood flow to the surface and it should settle after 10 minutes.

      After a lovely facial massage, wash the mask away and wipe over skin with a facecloth or your Konjac Sponge. Apply your favourite Indagare face oil to skin that is still slightly damp. 

      Can be used 1-3 times a week. Most customers find twice weekly is the optimum usage but if you struggle with congestion or acne you may wish to start with three times a week.



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