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Atonement - Superfood Clay Masque

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Detoxify, exfoliate and brighten skin to reveal greater clarity and radiance with Atonement - Indagare's stunning new antioxidant-rich face mask.

The potent blend of 11 clays and herbs simultaneously purify and resurface skin while also hydrating and nourishing it. 

Skin benefits:

  • Rhassoul and French green clay reach deep within the pores to detoxify and purify skin
  • Superfoods such as cranberry seed, pomegranate, green tea and olive leaf powder are packed with antioxidants that help protect cell membranes from oxidative damage and soothe, nourish and brighten skin
  • The AHAs from hibiscus herbs exfoliate and promote rapid cellular turnover
  • Bromelain enzymes from pineapple help smooth skin's appearance 
  • The salicylic acid from the white willow powder works to slough off dead skin cells and aids with congestion, treating and preventing breakouts while refining the appearance of pores
  • Organic aloe vera powder brings its legendary hydrating, healing and soothing powers 
  • Bamboo Powder is naturally rich in silica, which helps to replenish collagen stores and improve skin’s flexibility while absorbing dirt and bacteria from the skin. Gently massage the mask off to allow the bamboo powder to exfoliate, the final step in revealing a healthy, glowing complexion
  • Bonus offer - currently includes an application brush with your 60gm jar of Atonement (RRP $12).

Formulated to boost circulation, encourage skin’s natural healing defences and stimulate cell renewal for visibly glowing skin, this all-natural yet active face mask is destined to become one of your skincare favourites.

Mineral-rich clays purify, detoxify and help increase blood flow, while potent superfood herbs rejuvenate, moisturise and exfoliate. Use Atonement to transform and refine the appearance of skin, leaving it intensely cleansed and luminous.

Cranberry seed contains significant amounts of natural salicylic acid, manganese, and vitamins C and K, and it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-aging agent and plays an important role in this formulation. Green tea is wonderful for tired skin.

Rhassoul clay was used in the ancient world as a prized beauty ingredient. This purifying clay is mineral rich and high in magnesium, silica, and potassium yet gentle, working well with most skin types.

French green clay is incredible at absorbing dirt, bacteria, and oil from deep within the pores, and bacteria from your skin and pores (if your skin goes slightly red, don't worry ... it is the green clay drawing blood to the surface; it will settle quickly).

Hibiscus and pineapple powders gently shed dead skin cells, speed up cellular turnover and inspire a more even skin tone thanks to the natural AHAs. Bamboo powder is an amazing antioxidant and helps strengthen and tighten skin. Harness the power of this beautiful exfoliant by using circular motions as you take the mask off, allowing it to gently and naturally resurface the skin.

The lovely deep berry tones you see when the mask is activated is due in large part to the use of cranberry powder, which is a truly spectacular superfood that offers amazing benefits to skin because of its high amounts of resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.

Pomegranate is another superfood in Atonement that helps moisturize and promote more rapid cell regeneration and rejuvenation while helping skin retain its appearance.

Meanwhile, white willow bark powder was used by ancient civilizations for centuries for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is naturally high in salicylic acid. This herbal powder is found in many herbal acne regimens, replacing synthetically manufactured salicylic acid. However, it is also fantastic for signs of ageing.

Organic aloe vera powder is an excellent treatment for many skin conditions as it helps stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin, which prevent aging of the skin, while also soothing and moisturising.


Full Ingredient list:

Ghassoul Clay, Green Clay - French Argiletz, Hibiscus Powder, Bamboo Face Exfoliant, Pineapple Extract Powder, Cranberry Powder Extract, Pomegranate Powder, Green Tea Powder, Olive Leaf Powder, White Willow Powder, Aloe Vera Powder.


Use Atonement up to 3 times a week or as needed. Pour approximately one to two teaspoons into a small bowl and around the same amount of water until you reach an ideal consistency. The texture should look creamy and not too runny. When activated, the mask takes on a deep, rich colour. Apply evenly over cleansed skin and leave on for 5-10 minutes, depending on skin type. To take off, slowly add water to your palm and gently exfoliate the mask away. The bamboo, pineapple, and hibiscus will gently resurface your complexion. The exfoliating and detoxifying process will increase the efficacy of your Indagare Face Oils so be sure to finish with your favourite botanical beauty elixir from our range.

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Aneta B.

Glowing Results

My skin felt so soft. After I washed my mask off my skin was glowing for days and I could see a difference in my complexion. Wonderful product !

Jessica C.

I think I just washed 5 years off!

Wow ... my skin looks so much better after this mask. I’m amazed it is all natural as the results are astounding. I feel like my skin looks as it did after I’ve had an expensive facial. Skin is definitely smoother, but I swear it looks less ‘tired’ too. I love the idea of bamboo exfoliation at the end as it makes this mask so multi functional. I use it before my shower and find that is the easiest, least fussiest way to get it off. I did go red after use, but only a little and only for ten minutes or so and didn’t worry as the instructions said this can happen. It settled super quick and I swear I looked five years younger afterwards! Definitely use the face oil after as suggested - it seems to sink in so nicely. I’m thrilled I found this mask, love the purple colour it turns too ... a bit of a novelty and fun (the kids find it funny at least!).

Tania G.

The atonement mask

Each new product i love. But this one is fantastic. Being a mask and a scrub is great. My skin is radiant and soft after the mask. I do it twice a week because i love the benefits of it. Thank you so much for making such a natural mask that truly works wonders for my skin. Tania