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  • January 30, 2024 5 min read

    Prevent & Diminish Wrinkles: 12 Ways to Minimise Wrinkles, Naturally


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    Have you been noticing those subtle signs of ageing starting to come in? While getting older is a privilege and an honour, many of us still yearn for a vibrant, plump complexion throughout this process. So what's your best defence? Prevention, of course! 


    And lucky for you, there are 12 ways that you can slow those pesky wrinkles naturally.


    1. Get plenty of sleep

    The term "beauty sleep" isn't just a saying. It's the truth! Every night is a chance to help your skin look its absolute best the next day and prevent wrinkles from forming. If you don't get good sleep, your skin can't do what it was designed to do – repair itself. For the sleep-deprived, proper cellular turnover is impeded, and thus, you'll wind up looking more aged and haggard than someone who goes to bed on time and sleeps a proper duration of 7 to 8 hours a night. 


    2. And sleep on your back while you're at it

    Woman Sleeping With Eye Mask


    While the first step to less wrinkles is good sleep, the second step is making sure you sleep on your back. When you side-sleep, your face gets scrunched up against your pillow. An easy fix to this is training yourself to sleep on your back. 

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    3. Keep your eyes in check

    Woman Wearing Sunglasses

    In your youth, perhaps you had 20/20 vision. Corrective lenses or contacts can help relieve that strain and keep the eye area looking less wrinkled and youthful. But the eyes tend to need more help as we take more trips around the sun. If you squint while reading, driving, or even watching TV, you should schedule a visit to your eye doctor. And when outdoors, wear sunglasses to keep you from squinting your way to crow's feet. 


    4. Start using a facial oil

    Indagare's Award-Winning Face Oils


    When it comes to an anti-ageing skincare routine, facial oils are essential because they give you the essentials. Essential fatty acids, that is! The lipids naturally found in skin deplete with time, UV exposure, pollution, and lifestyle choices, so adding them to your regimen replenishes your skin. The right facial oils can make skin less oily and may even help shrink enlarged pores. Plus, they're so soothing. With this face oil duo set by Indagare Natural Beauty, you'll have a great way to get started with these skin-reviving oils!


    5. Know how to exfoliate

    Perhaps you're already familiar with exfoliation in your weekly routine. It's not just for blemishes, though … exfoliating is critical as you age because it helps remove dulling dead skin cells while stimulating collagen production. However, using harsh scrubs will only tug and tear at the skin.

    The best way to reveal more youthful skin and fight wrinkles is to exfoliate with skin acids like AHAs and BHAs, plus a gentle physical exfoliant. Atonement Superfood Clay Face Mask uses AHAs from pineapple, BHAs from white willow bark, and a physical exfoliant of bamboo powder to slough away dead skin cells.

    Even the most sensitive skin can reveal a radiant and refreshed look with this international award-winning face mask (it won BEST SUPERFOOD Clay Mask at The Beauty Shortlist 2023 - very prestigious international awards!)


    6. Be smart about sun exposure

    Woman Wearing Sun Hat

    Perhaps you slather on the sunscreen regularly when you're at the pool or beach, but what about those daily sun encounters you have for moments at a time? Believe it or not, every time you walk to your car, sit by a window, or have even brief exposure to the sun, it adds up. Even on cloudy or cold days, these small moments of sun exposure can do major damage, so head it off at the pass! And when it does, sun damage can occur, leaving you looking wrinkled and aged. Choose a daily sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and make sure it's a broad-spectrum formulation to keep you safe.


    7. Cut junk from your diet



    If you want to be beautiful on the outside, it all starts from within. We're not talking personality here (though that never hurts!) but rather, the foods you eat. In particular, sugar stiffens up the collagen in your skin, making you age faster. Eek! If you want something sweet, eat fruits instead. You'll be getting more antioxidants that way too, which help stop free radicals from doing more damage. 


    8. End bad habits

    Some of your lifestyle habits could also be causing more wrinkles to form. Sure, smoking is the obvious one. But there are others, like drinking from a straw or blowing bubbles with your gum that seem benign. 


    9. Avoid rubbing your eyes

    Woman's Eye Area

    Around your eyes, the skin is more delicate and thin. That's why it tends to reveal ageing first. When you remove your eye makeup, be gentle. Don't rub, drag, or pull at the skin. And certainly, don't rub your eyes when you're tired!


    10. Practice facial massage daily

    Woman Using Jade Roller

    It might seem like a luxury, but a daily facial massage is easy to fit into your routine. Doing so soothes facial muscles and improves the blood flow to the skin. And you know what that means, right? Improved collagen production too! The cooling and depuffing action of facial rollers helps you start your day off right and primes your skin for the best product absorption afterward. Choose a facial roller or a gua sha in rose quartz, jade, or aventurine to bring into your anti-wrinkle routine!


    11. Replenish your hydration

    Crystal Water Bottle, Indagare Natural Beauty Australia

    Chances are, you're not drinking enough water. When your mouth feels dry, you're already in need of hydration. Whether it's summer or winter, you still need the same amount of hydration. And when you're active, you need even more than usual. Drink up, and you'll see the best out of your skin.


    12. Relieve your stress

    Woman Doing Yoga


    And finally, when you stress about work, family, or life in general, it releases the stress hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol blocks collagen production which can leave you looking more aged. Simple things like taking walks when you feel overwhelmed, meditation, breathing, and yoga can help you keep stress under control and prevent cortisol from adding more wrinkles. 


    Hopefully with this handy list of how to halt wrinkles naturally, it will lessen some of that stress so you can see your most beautiful skin yet!


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