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  • April 15, 2020 8 min read

    Pamper Yourself With These 7 At-Home Spa Treatments

    While salon facials, conditioning treatments, and pro-sole-scraping pedicures aren't in the cards right now, there is nothing stopping us from setting aside some time each week to destress and enjoy a transformative at-home spa day or night! Follow us as we show you how to create your own special at-home spa rituals - there are even lots of DIY tips and tricks that won't break the bank!

    Candles for at-home-spa day atmosphere 

    Step One: Let's set the mood.

    OK, so you're not at a luxury spa (or even your local day spa), but you sure can fake it in your own fresh and tidy bathroom. This is your "me" time! Clear any clutter, get a playlist of soothing music going, and grab some candles or burn some essential oils. Be sure to take a jug of cold water with you - perhaps with some lemon slices, mint, or cucumber (or, maybe a glass of red wine if you are doing a Spa night?). Now, let's go!


    Step Two: (Pedi)Cure the Blues!

    Pedicure at home

    1. Let’s start by removing old polish and dead skin with a polish remover (non-acetone recommended to keep those nail beds from drying out!).
    2. Fill your tub with warm water, adding in any favourites you have on-hand: a capful of distilled white vinegar (to cleanse and tone), tea tree oil (remove bacteria), Epsom salts (cure aches), or lemon slices (soften cuticles). Soak for 15 minutes! Ahh, just enough time for a quick catch-up with a friend or a scroll through social media.
    3. Time to shape up! After patting your toes dry with a towel, give your nails about five minutes to dry and harden before you clip them to your desired length. Shape corners and edges with a nail file, clip away any hangnails with a cuticle nipper if you have one, and use a buffer to even out any ridges on your nails that will cause imperfections when you add the polish.
    4. Cuticles can be tricky, but the best way to take care of them is to first apply a cuticle eraser to the skin around your nails and gently push the cuticles back with a metal cuticle pusher. If you are confident in your pedi skills, go ahead and clip off any of that dead skin with the cuticle nipper. If you are hesitant, you can just leave it. Either way, add a drop of your favourite face oil to the skin around your nails to keep your pedicure in tip-top shape for longer.
    5. We all love the silky-smooth feeling of our skin at a spa. Lucky for us, it’s not so difficult to replicate! Dip your feet back into the tub and remove dead skin and rough spots with a foot file or pumice stone (give some special attention to your heels, soles, and the sides of your feet!). Follow that up with a lovely scrub along your feet, ankles, and calves.

    Pro Tip: Regular exfoliation is essential for removing dead cells which can accumulate on the skin's surface, leading to dull, dry skin. Indagare's Organic Body Scrub is not only fantastic at keeping the skin of your precious body in beautiful, glow-y condition, it is also amazing at helping feet maintain a healthful condition. Be sure to give your heels a good scrub with this organic treatment a few times a week and add it to your pedicure for the ultimate luxury touch!

    1. Lock in that renewed skin with a hydrating lotion. Avoid the greasy stuff, as that will make it more difficult for your nails to hold onto the polish and watch your pedicure-ready feet shine! If you want to go all-out, go ahead and use that foot mask you’ve been saving!
    2. Time for the main event! Use a toe-separator or cotton balls to keep your toes apart and go over your nails with one last round of polish remover to make sure your nails are free of any extra oils. Then, apply an even base coat. This is the most important layer since it sets the stage for your colour, so enjoy taking your time on this one.

    Next, add thin layers of colour for that even, perfectly- applied -look. Start in the middle of the nail, working your way out and repeat. During the second coat, add a little extra polish to the very ends of your nails, since that’s where chipping usually starts. Give the colour a moment to settle, and then add a clear top coat to protect from chips and add extra shine to your toes!

    1. Now is the part where many a pedicure has failed. The wait. Nail polish always takes a little longer to dry than we anticipate. If you’re feeling impatient, run your hairdryer on a cool setting over your new pedicure, or take this time to relax (and top up your wine or herbal tea!).
    2. Once you’re sure the paint is dry, use a cue tip soaked in nail polish remover to get rid of any pesky smudges along the edges of your nails. Voila! Perfection in an at-home pedicure!


    Step Three: Soothing Eye Treatment

    Cucumber to soothe the eyes

    If you have puffy, dry, or irritated eyes, try a homemade remedy to soothe and refresh! Cool chamomile tea bags and cucumber are great traditional remedies to cool and relieve the eye area, while cold potato slices are also useful for puffy eyes. Leave on the eyes for ten minutes while listening to some soothing music.

    Pro tip: Use Indagare's Prickly Pear Seed Eye Roller day and night for a toxin-free option to fight under-eye dark circles. The high vitamin K content – known for lightening skin – ensures targeted application on the eye area, and high levels of vitamin E help nourish the delicate skin of the eye area and fight free radical damage.


    Step Four: Create an at-home Hammam Ritual

    Beldi Soap & Kessa MItt

    Moroccan women have long held the secret of long-lasting, gorgeous skin. And while a luxurious trip to a hammam in Morocco may not be attainable for any of us right now, you can certainly give yourself the spa experience at home with the authentic Moroccan Beldi Soap, brought over in micro-batches from Morocco.

    Turn your bathroom into the warm, steamy escape of a Moroccan hammam by using your shower to steam up your space, using a towel keep the steam from escaping any crevices (think: bathroom door, windowsill, etc.). Apply the Beldi Soap all over your body, with the exception of your face. You can make this an even more blissful ritual by using circular motions to massage the Beldi into your skin before allowing it to sit for approximately 5-10 minutes.

    If you want to get the best exfoliation of your life, finish this healing ritual with an exfoliating Kessa glove. Remember to use long, upward strokes in the direction of your heart to stimulate circulation.

    Don’t have these luxurious products? No problem! Enjoy the sauna-feel of your bathroom with a relaxing candle and your favourite exfoliating products. And if you want to recreate the real experience, check out our authentic Moroccan Beldi Soap with Eucalyptus and Kessa exfoliating glove.

    Pro Tip: Because your skin's surface has been softened with the Beldi Soap deep cleaning the pores and separating the layer of dead skin cells, you'll be amazed (and possibly slightly shocked!) at how much dead skin the Kessa Mitt gets off! While we enjoy replacing our daily soap with the Beldi Soap (using just as you would a normal body soap), you want to up the ante and include a Kessa Mitt treatment with Beldi Soap once a week for the healthiest skin ever!


    Step Five: DIY Hair Mask

    Banan for a hair treatment

    The ingredients you need for the perfect hair glow-up recipe might already be sitting in your kitchen! Using banana as the base of your hair mask not only smells amazing but also gives your locks a gorgeous boost. Bananas’ high silica content fights frizz, their antioxidants decrease oxidative stress leaving follicles stronger, and their antibacterial properties make them the perfect candidate to soothe scalps and banish dandruff.

    By mixing one banana for shorter hair or two bananas for longer hair (peeled and mashed) with other at-home ingredients in a bowl, you can give your hair a tailor-made mask made for your desired results. Massage into your hair, giving extra love to your roots, scalp, and any split ends. Then, leave the combination you desire in your hair for 10-15 minutes (shower cap recommended!) and rinse with lukewarm water.

    1. Banana + 1 Egg = Encourage hair growth and keep your locks glossy
    2. Banana + 1 tbsp Honey = Soothe dry scalp and fight dandruff
    3. Banana + 1 tbsp Coconut Oil (room temp) = Moisturize damaged hair
    4. Banana + 1 Avocado = Soften follicles and boost volume

    Or, try this supercharged mask to condition and soften your hair texture while fighting pesky dandruff: 1-2 bananas, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 tbsp olive oil, 1/2 tbsp coconut oil, 1/2 tablespoon honey, 1 egg. Leave in for 20 minutes, rinse with lukewarm water, and enjoy your fresh, silky-smooth ‘do!

    Pro Tip: Use Indagare's Organic Hair Renewal Oil as a daily split ends treatment, for half an hour before you wash your hair, or as a weekly scalp and hair treatment. Designed to stimulate hair growth and tame split ends, this product won BEST HAIR OIL at the 2020 Beauty Shortlist Awards in 2020 (hugely competitive with thousands of entries from all over the world!), and has been featured in international media. We recommend adding a weekly treatment overnight with Indagare's Hair Renewal Oil, as some of the star ingredients are proven to stimulate hair growth.


    Step Six: Purifying Facial

    Clay Face Mask Being Applied with Brush

    Time to face the music: changes in routine aren’t so kind to our skin. But a rejuvenating facial might just be the perfect fix for tired skin or disrupted self-care routines, and some of the absolute best ones can be made from the items you already have in the kitchen!

    Pro Tips: 1) Don’t use expired ingredients (if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t use it for a facial), 2) Test on a patch of skin (allergic reactions are no fun!), and 3) Use the mask the day you make it to avoid any bacteria exposure to the air can cause (within the hour of creation is best).

    For those of you looking for a hydrating facial to nourish your skin so you can finally kiss though dry patches goodbye, this one’s for you:

    Combine 1/2 an avocado, 1 tbsp of honey, and a handful of oats (or oat bran) in a bowl. Honey adds hydration without that greasy feeling, helps diminish the visibility of scars, and promotes tissue regeneration. Oats are the lifesaver of skin with their nourishing and soothing quality, and avocado leaves your skin silky smooth. (If you don’t have avocado, 3 tbsp milk can substitute and boost brightness.) Leave on for fifteen minutes and rinse with lukewarm water for hydrated, supple skin.


    Pro Tip: Meet Atonement Superfood Clay Mask – the missing link to completing your organic skincare ritual. Boasting a stellar line up of nutrient-rich ingredients, you'll look and feel like you've just walked out of an expensive, professional facial! Mineral-rich clays purify, detoxify and help increase blood flow, while potent superfoods rejuvenate, moisturise and exfoliate the skin. Atonement transforms and refines the appearance of the skin, leaving it intensely cleansed and luminous. This ten-minute treatment delivers results you can see and feel and keeps skin cells turning over and more able to absorb your other products.


    Step Seven: Hand it Over

    Hands with painted nails

    Time to give your hands a little TLC with this easy hand makeover. Before jumping in the tub or shower, file and shape your fingernails while they’re still dry (wet nails are more apt to break or split). File in one direction (no sawing!) on one side to the centre, then the other side, and do tips last. At the end of the evening, massage hands and cuticles with a rich hand cream that contains shea butter and botanical oils for extra softness.

    Pro Tip: With all the extra hand-sanitising and washing taking its toll on your nails, pop a drop of Illumino Youth Serum on each cuticle and massage into your nails each night. Afterwards, finish with a good dose – 5-8 drops – of the Signature Night Recovery Oil massaged into the skin on the front and back of your hands.






    Words: Katelyn Overby

    Images: (Via Unsplash:  Candles Rebecca Peterson-Hall; Cucumber on eyes Adrian Motroc; Banana & Papaya Charles Deluvio PaintedNails Daiga Ellaby. ). Beldi Soap & Kessa Mitt image and Face Mask being applied to model Indagare Natural Beauty, photographer Marina Ridgeway.