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  • February 09, 2018 4 min read



    OCTOBER 2018


    Indagare Natural Beauty’s ultra-lightweight Illumino Youth Serum

    lands in time for the Aussie summer

    For many Aussie women, the mere thought of including a facial oil in their skincare routines during a hot Australian summer is enough to make them break out in a sweat. Cue Illumino Youth Serum – the new, ultra-lightweight skin saviour from Indagare Natural Beauty.

    The serum uses organic neroli and geranium essential oils, but the main – magic – ingredient is 100% certified organic prickly pear seed oil, sourced ethically from women's cooperatives in rural Morocco.

    Rare and highly prized, the oil is derived from the prickly pear cactus and is one of the most remarkable in the beauty world. It’s also one of the most expensive, thanks to an incredibly labour-intensive production process and the fact that it takes nearly 30 kilograms of seeds to produce just one litre of oil.


    The benefits of prickly pear seed oil:

    • Extremely lightweight, easily absorbed by skin
    • Brightening oil that with regular use gives skin a gorgeous glow
    • Incredible amounts of skin-softening vitamin E (150% more than Argan oil)
    • Large amounts of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid proven to lighten sun-induced hyperpigmentation
    • Soothes inflammation 
    • Boosts cellular turnover and stimulates collagen production
    • Rich in vitamin K which helps even skin tone and reduce dark circles under eyes
    • A hero for just about any skin type – the oil’s exceptional hydrating ability makes it ideal for mature skin, but it’s also effective with combination skin, with a comedogenic rating of 0 out of 5


    Illumino Youth Serum harnesses the powers of this wonder seed oil to create a transformative beauty product that is incredibly potent and absorbent, but also super-lightweight – making it the ultimate summer beauty oil, perfect for the Australian climate. Although the perfect face oil for Australia's hot, humid summers, this stunning beauty serum is beneficial all year-round due to the incredible potency and gentleness of the remarkable prickly pear seed oil.

    Luxe white and gold packaging hints at Illumino Youth Serum’s ability to brighten the skin and provide an instant glow. Super fast-absorbing, it can be used in the morning before applying makeup, and layered with moisturiser at night for a mega-dose of skin nutrition.


    RRP: $79 for a 30ml bottle, including complimentary delivery Australia-wide

    Stockist: Illumino Youth Serum is available online at





    Indagare (in•da•ga•re)  Latin for ’to investigate’ …


    Necessity is the mother of invention, which is precisely how Indagare Natural Beauty was born. For two decades founder Tanya Joslin had struggled with hormonal, congested and sensitive skin that nothing could fix long-term. On top of this, she had to contend with extreme climates, from her home in Brisbane, to Abu Dhabi and Macao where she lived for much of the past decade. Now in her early 40s, she is also (reluctantly!) dealing with ageing.

    All of these factors inspired Tanya’s search for toxin-free skincare products that actually addressed all her problems and could be used in any climate – and the eventual creation of boutique beauty brand, Indagare Natural Beauty.

    “I had tried everything to try and fix my difficult skin – from prescription creams to high-end skincare ranges and even antibiotics – but nothing ever worked long-term. One day – already concerned about my exposure to toxins – I noticed a poison warning on one of my prescription creams. I knew it was time to become more empowered about the things I was putting on my skin, and so began a journey that led to me formally studying natural skincare formulation. The results I had from active botanicals were most extraordinary – plant and seed oils genuinely changed my skin. Ironically, they were the one thing I would never have tried previously, mistakingly believing oil would exacerbate my congestion issues.

    I"t led me to create Indagare Natural Beauty – so I could share the results with other people just like me – people who want to use intelligently formulated products that really work, and that use organic, consciously sourced ingredients rather than chemicals.


    “When we started Indagare Natural Beauty we wanted to create a business that brought good – and not just in the efficacy of our products. We created a set of values around sustainability, health, the environment and animal cruelty, and it guides our every decision. Working with our partners in Morocco and knowing that local communities benefit even as our customers enjoy the highest quality prickly pear seed oil, makes us even more passionate about the Indagare Natural Beauty brand.”


    Some of our key values include:

    • Organic ingredients wherever possible, resulting in a predominantly certified organic list of ingredients.
    • We never use artificial ingredients such as petroleum, sulfates, parabens, synthetic preservatives, artificial colours or fragrances or mineral oils.
    • Sustainable glass bottles for the botanical face oils and recyclable, yet luxurious, packaging.
    • No animal testing (cruelty-free). Vegan-friendly.
    • Fresh batches, made in small orders— ensuring your skin is getting the most active and effective inherent vitamins, omega fatty acids and phytonutrients. 

     Tanya Joslin | | 0422 782 690 |