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  • May 02, 2023 6 min read

    8 Pro-Tips To Combat Dehydrated, Irritated Winter Skin


    How to combat dry winter air's effects on skin



    While it is tempting to stick with your favourite skincare routine year-round, you'll get so much more from your skin if you adapt to the seasons. In winter, there's less moisture in the air which means the water in your skin evaporates more quickly than in humid months. Additionally, fluctuations of cold air and heating are not great news for your skin. Combat hydration loss, dryness and inflammation with this eight-step winter checklist.


    The effects of using a harsh, super-foamy cleanser will be particularly damaging in the colder months — although, if we’re honest, this isn't just a winter tip. Your skin will do much better with a gentle cleanser than it ever will with a harsh one laden with chemicals. Some common ingredients in cleansers to look out for are: parabens; synthetic colours and fragrances (synthetic fragrances can have thousands of toxins!); phthalates and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS).

    If your skin feels tight and dry after washing, it's a sure sign the cleanser is too harsh for your skin type and could even be adversely affecting the acid mantle. Choose a cleanser with natural ingredients that will remove dirt and makeup while still handling your skin with a little TLC. Better yet, transition to a nourishing oil cleanser. They work wonders on winter skin by gently and effectively whisking away makeup and pollutants - without stripping moisture. Watch this space ... Indagare have a nourishing oil cleanser in the works!


    Winner - Best Overnight Facial Oil 2023


     A good quality face oil is full of antioxidants that protect skin from free radicals, which, left unchecked, can damage healthy skin cells and create oxidative stress, resulting in visible signs of ageing. Using an antioxidant-rich face oil can help reduce irritation, pigmentation and fine lines and leave skin looking and feeling radiant. A luxurious face oil, such as Indagare's nourishing Signature Night Recovery Oil, is a must to keep winter dryness at bay.

    In winter, you may want to layer a moisturiser with your face oil. Keep in mind that cream moisturisers are designed to sit more superficially on the surface of skin to seal in moisture. In contrast, facial oils penetrate deeper to deliver lasting hydration.

    If you’re wondering whether to use your face oil before or after moisturiser, here’s a simple rule of thumb: the order of products depends on their consistency, and you want to layer from lightest to heaviest. If your face oil is readily absorbed, you can use it before a heavier cream. Or swap these steps for a lightweight cream and a heavier oil (for the record, both Indagare's flagship face oils absorb fast!). So, your routine might look like: cleanser, hydrosol or toner, face oil, very nourishing cream (or lightweight cream then heavier face oil).

    If you’re still in doubt or want to go for a super-quick routine, you can increase the nourishing element of your moisturiser by adding a few drops of face oil into each application. This also works well if you’re new to oils and want to ease in before winter really takes hold!


    Skin Needs Water

    Water opens the skin surface – allowing a moisturising oil to travel on the vehicle of the water inward, penetrating and locking in moisture. Although you can apply your oil while skin is still slightly damp after a shower, or even treating dry skin to a little splash from the tap, some choose to use a high-quality hydrosol with botanical extracts to take the hydration one step further. 

    Today’s hydrosols are nothing like the stripping toners from 20 years ago. A great toner or hydrosol should hydrate, support and even, in some cases, exfoliate. And, they’ll allow your other products to penetrate more deeply - vital during these very dry months when you want to feed the skin as many sources of nutrients and hydration as you can.

    Another easy and affordable trick is to ensure your face oil is applied to damp skin -this ensures that it spreads evenly & absorbs into your skin effectively. It's as simple as not drying your skin entirely after a bath or shower, so it is just a little bit damp still (this also extends to body oils - they work so incredibly well when applied to damp skin!). If you include this step, you will have a beautiful dewy glow, and your skin will feel extra hydrated and soft.


    Limit showers in winter to fight skin dehydration


    Long, hot showers may seem tempting, especially in winter, but they do strip away natural skin oils, leading to increased dryness. We can help prevent parched winter skin by taking shorter showers that aren't scalding (I have to admit I'm guilty of hot showers in winter!). Swapping your commercial soap for a nourishing and hydrating wash such as the pure, 100% natural soap we bring in from a local Queensland soap maker will ensure you are not stripping your skin of its Natural Oils or disrupt your skin's microbiome like many other commercial soaps. 


    Indagare's Relax & Nourish Body Oil


    Apply Indagare's Relax & Nourish Body Oil after your shower or bath to nourish, protect and hydrate skin from your collarbone to your ankles (no scaly legs this winter!). This beautiful oil works best when applied to damp skin so it can really seal in the hydration. With a concentrated synergy of top-shelf oils, carefully chosen to deeply nourish the skin while soothing the mind, this divine body elixir is literally food for your skin and soul!

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    Atonement Superfood Face Masque - Winner Best Face Mask

    What we really want in winter is a skincare product that does everything, right? Preferably without the hassle of a long, drawn-out routine that’s unrealistic to maintain. A build-up of dry skin can create a barrier that prevents moisture from absorbing, so we definitely still need to exfoliate over winter. But we don't want a strong exfoliant that may cause extra dryness and compound that cold-weather dehydration. Also, we still need to purify skin at least weekly if we want it to look its best and behave at optimum health.

    The solution? Opt for a face mask that detoxifies, exfoliates, and hydrates at the same time, so you clean the day away and help skin breathe without stripping moisture. Atonement Superfood  Clay Masque won BEST FACE MASK - superfood - at the 2023 The Beauty Shortlist Awards. It is that good!
    Packed with hydrating botanicals including aloe vera, cranberry, pomegranate (all amazing for anti-ageing and nourishing skin of all ages), this 4-in-1 face mask also boasts the purest Rhassoul clay direct from Morocco to draw out impurities while leaving skin soft, thanks to high levels of silica (around 58%) and magnesium. The silica promotes collagen production, which is essential to keeping skin hydrated, youthful, supple, and resilient. 
    Simply let the masque work its magic for 15 minutes then reactivate it with a touch of water and gently massage to allow the beautiful bamboo powder to exfoliate. Then rinse away, marvel at your glowing skin and be impressed by how quick and easy the whole process was!


    Get enough beauty sleep for beautiful skin

     Getting a good night’s sleep does more than just put us in a good mood the next day. Rest is one of the best things we can do for our immunity and skin health. Skin cells are at their most productive when we sleep, tackling significant renewal and repair processes. So, if we’re not using beauty sleep to nourish our skin deeply, then we’re missing out on some low-hanging fruit when it comes to creating a radiant and vibrantly healthy complexion.

    Use a rich night oil specially formulated to support the skin's natural cell and collagen reproduction processes, such as Indagare's award-winning (this divine organic face oil beat some very well known brands to take first pace at the 2023 The Beauty Shortlist Awards - Best Overnight Face Oil), Signature Night Recovery Oil.


    Crystal Water Bottle Australia
    We seem to be more conscious of our hydration levels through summer, but winter can be a time when we make decisions (such as drinking more warm coffees!) that can deplete our body's hydration. One of the easiest ways to stay hydrated and keep our skin happy is by adding an extra glass of water with every meal. Whichever way you track your water intake, it’s essential all year round and will go a long way to combat any winter dehydration woes!


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