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  • April 25, 2024 6 min read

    How Face Oils Can Rejuvenate Your Dry Skin 

    Is Dry Skin Getting You Down? Then a Face Oil Is A Must In Your Beauty Routine. Here's Why:

    Dry Skin Can Benefit from a Face Oil


    If you've been troubled by dry skin, you have probably struggled to find a way to keep it looking and feeling nourished year-round. The moisture-zapping atmosphere of winter is likely to make this quest for beautifully hydrated skin even more challenging. But your troubles can quickly fade away when you start integrating pure, luxury face oils specifically formulated for dry skin!


    Face oils are a beauty secret that have been used for centuries in many other cultures. The simplicity of using toxin-free, pure botanicals as ingredients instead of questionable lab-manufactured elements can deliver superior, long-lasting results for the dry skin, allowing formulators to cut out preservatives, alcohol and chemicals that can come in mass-produced creams and potions.


    And don't worry about your face feeling sticky or sebum-ridden - an expertly formulated face oil should feel more like a serum or essence and absorb relatively fast.

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    Benefits of Using Face Oils for Dry Skin

    Indagare's Face Oils Are Best For Dry Skin

    If your skin is dry, you'll love how a beautifully formulated face oil can help. They contain moisturising fatty acids that help lock hydration into the skin while soothing inflammation and correcting that feeling of 'dryness'.


    And speaking of dryness, that flaky look is not one you want to have, especially when you're putting on makeup. It can give you a cakey appearance. But a face oil applied before makeup can improve this while pulling double duty by delivering hydration and nutrients to the skin throughout the day. We recommend using a lightweight facial oil in the morning before your makeup.


    Face oils also reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They are lipophilic, meaning they combine or dissolve in lipids or fats and trap water. They can also penetrate the deepest layers of skin beyond where other products can reach. The result is plumped-up skin infused with the skin-loving nutrients your dry skin has been craving, delivered where needed most. 


    When it comes to face oils alleviating the issue of dry skin, the key is choosing one that has the right kind of ingredients. You want to use a rich oil high in oleic acid—a fatty acid that helps condition skin as it locks in moisture - and also high linoleic acid content, which allows the skin to retain water, keeping it hydrated.


    What If My Skin is BOTH Oily & Dry?

    If you've suffered from oily skin, you may have found yourself dealing with the frustrating problem of oily AND dry skin at once! When we use products with alcohol and other drying ingredients so often found in products promoted as helping manage oily skin, it forces our skin to create more oil to counter these drying effects.

    You may have noticed that many acne or oily skin treatments seem to deliver short-term results. Still, the skin eventually compensates for the lack of moisture by creating more oil, leading to clogged pores, frequent breakouts and a vicious cycle of excess sebum production.

    While face oils are great for dry skin, they can benefit everyone, even those with oily skin, as they help balance the skin's oil production.


    What Ingredients Should I Look For When Choosing A Face Oil for Dry Skin?

    Prickly Pear Seed Oil For Dry Skin

    One of the best ingredients in face oils for dry skin is Prickly Pear Seed Oil. This oil has a considerable level of linoleic acid and is packed with antioxidants and antibacterial properties that make it a rockstar in the skincare world. Prickly pear oil helps reduce inflammation and heal dry skin back to good health. 


    Additionally, Prickly Pear Seed Oil has a lovely fat content that helps infuse skin with what it's missing and helps carry vitamins to the skin. It can be a beautiful addition to your routine if you use more abrasive ingredients such as vitamin A. 


    Thanks to high levels of vitamin E and essential fatty acids (primarily, oleic acid and linoleic acid - the two we are looking for when helping ease dry skin!) Argan Oil has extremely hydrating effects for dry skin and works to lightly moisturise your skin, soften dry patches and even help reduce acne.


    Tamanu oil is an incredibly regenerating oil that promotes new, healthy cell growth and has been used by indigenous people of the South Pacific for centuries for its healing qualities. It works to maintain the level of hydration within the dermis and improve the skin's elasticity, helping to keep it looking plump and youthful. Tamanu oil boasts high levels of omega 9 fatty acid - an excellent addition if you suffer from dry and flaky skin.


    Hazelnut oil is an excellent toner for the skin. This gentle oil is unlikely to irritate and is bursting with nutrients, flavonoids, and antioxidants, yet it can reach deep within the layers of skin to help strengthen.


    Evening Primrose is known for its ability to heal and reduce inflammation due to its high GLA content and was a natural choice for this divine elixir. 


    Seabuckthorn Oil Helps Dry Skin

    Sea Buckthorn oil is magical for dry skin and boasts the rare omega-7, which is incredible for its regenerative properties that dry skin desperately needs. It also offers fantastic skin strengthening benefits when applied topically.


    The University of Michigan did a study that found that Pomegranate Seed Oil with its omega-5 (believed to be one of the most potent antioxidants known to man) content helps speed up skin rejuvenation. Pomegranate oil contains a high concentration of ellagic acid, which helps to prevent wrinkles and UV damage and inhibits matrix metalloproteinase (MMP), an enzyme that signals collagen breakdown. 

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    What Is The Best Way To Apply A Face Oil?

    Applying a face oil to dry skin

    To truly get the best benefits of face oils for dry skin, you should always apply them to slightly dampened skin - not wet, just a little damp such as when you've just cleansed or misted skin. This allows your face oils to spread evenly, absorbing into your skin effectively. 


    In skincare, oil and water are like yin and yang. They need each other - and skin also needs them both! - to maintain balance and incorporate both hydration and lipid barrier protection. 


    You don't have to invest in expensive water-based products. Popping your oil on skin that is still damp from the shower is fine. Dry skin may benefit from a thick, nourishing cream on top of the face oil in winter (spritz or damp skin followed by face oil and, if your dry skin needs more, a cream as the final step). 

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    The Best Face Oils for Dry Skin

    Indagare's Organic Face Oil Duo Set for Dry Skin

    If you want the best results with a wonderfully simplified skincare routine. Indagare's Organic Face Oil Duo Set has you covered, allowing you to have a fuss-free beauty ritual that reveals your best, healthiest, and most youthful skin. 


    It features Illumino Youth Serum with 99% of the world's best quality prickly pear seed oil to kick off your mornings. It's magical for helping smooth the appearance of wrinkles and repair sun damage. It also features neroli with plenty of skin-firming vitamin C and geranium oil to help keep skin balanced, all gentle ingredients that give skin what it's missing. 


    At night, just four to five drops of the luxuriously nourishing Signature Night Recovery Oil - WINNER, BEST OVERNIGHT FACE OIL AT THE BEAUTY SHORTLIST AWARDShelp repair and nourish the deepest layers of skin as you sleep, so you wake to hydrated, plump and petal-soft skin. It contains 18 active botanicals (many of the above ingredients are part of this magical face oil for dry skin). Most are certified organic.


    With both of these face oils, you don't need to use much - just 4-5 drops at a time, so they last a long time, and they both absorb beautifully so you don't get a sticky sensation. 


    Indagare's organic morning and night oils have both won prestigious natural beauty awards, and the reviews speak for themselves:


    "My skin has never looked so good! I cannot recommend this oil enough, it really is a treat for the skin." – Maria P.


    "I have been using the day and night oil for two weeks - and am getting comments every day about my skin! Particularly - when I am makeup-free." – Judith M.


    "Brilliant. I am always on the lookout for a face oil for my dry and sensitive skin and these day and night oils delivered. I have been using them for only two weeks and couldn't be happier. Will be ordering again for sure." – Terin J.


    We've bundled them together and added a lovely discount and free shipping Australia-wide so you can go ahead and try this dynamic duo - the ultimate face oils for dry skin!- with our Organic Face Oil Duo Set. We think you'll be thrilled when you get to experience the skin-transformative results for yourself! Will you be our next five-star review?