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by Tanya Joslin April 07, 2022 3 min read

Why Mature Skin NEEDS A Face Oil


It can be confusing figuring out what the best skincare products are for mature skin - there are so many lotions and potions, and they are all claiming to be the best! But when you understand that your skin's needs are different now you are older, you can choose products that will actually deliver the anti-ageing benefits you seek.


You've got your moisturisers, serums masks, eye creams … But have you given any thought to using face oils? A face oil specifically formulated for mature skin could be your secret weapon for keeping your complexion looking healthy — especially if, like many who have dealt with peri-menopause and menopause, you have mature skin that is prone to dryness.

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As we age, our skin moisture levels decline, making skin drier, which, in turn, contributes to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. This dryness can also exacerbate the appearance of existing lines. Oils not only deeply nourish and deliver a much-needed dose of hydration to the deeper layers of skin, but because a good quality face oil is rich in antioxidants, it can also fight free-radical damage to cells, thereby preventing further signs of ageing. 


A beautiful, high-quality face oil helps keep skin feeling petal-soft, sealing in hydration, so skin appears plumper. A face oil formulated for the needs of mature women can help protect skin by ensuring the stratum corneum (the outer layer) is more resilient. As if there are not enough reasons already to use a luxurious face oil, you'll also find an oil will help keep exisiting hydration locked in - this is particularly helpful in winter when the drier atmosphere tends to zap water from the skin.  

Indagare's Duo Organic Face Oil Set Is Made for Mature Skin

These Face Oils Are A Miracle For Mature Skin

Mature skin is a beautiful thing. But there is no denying that, as we age, our skin can become more sensitive and prone to dryness and redness. Fortunately, Indagare's international award-winning organic morning and night face oils help keep your skin looking young, vibrant and radiantly healthy. 


Our anti-aging face oils are made with the highest quality, freshly sourced organic plant-based, natural ingredients and are designed to boost the vibrancy and health of ageing skin. When we say plant-based, they are completely, 100% natural and free of toxins, parabens, synthetic fillers and cheap water. Plus, the ingredients are predominantly certified-organic and ethically sourced. 


Each of these face oils has been meticulously formulated to include ingredients backed by science to bring out the best in your skin. And due to the 100% natural composition from botanical ingredients, you can't beat that uplifting and nourishing aroma. So, which of these face oils is best? Honestly, why choose when you can get them both?


The Organic Face Oil Duo Set  packages up the two best face oils for maturing skin in one bundle, with the two face oils formulated to work synergistically to deliver a full spectrum of skin nutrition. By day, you can use the Illumino Youth Serum, and by night, you can use the Signature Night Recovery Oil to get the best of both worlds. Your skin will be hydrated, nourished and repaired from the potent yet gentle ingredients that soak right in to beautify and tackle the skin woes you face with maturing skin. Plus, the vitamin K in the prickly pear seed oil delivers an unmistakable skin-brightening element and soothes any inflammation. Don't be surprised if, after a few weeks, compliments and questions about what you are using on your skin are likely to abound!


See why everyone has fallen in love with the Organic Face Oil Duo Set by Indagare - our organic skincare has inspired more than 1000 five-star reviews from mature women.

Here at Indagare, we are proud to prove that effective skincare can be simple, pure and fuss-free regardless of age. These luxurious face oils are literally changing the face of maturing skincare - for the better!


Indagare's Organic Face Oil Duo Set

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