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  • May 19, 2024 5 min read

    The Best Skincare Routine For Menopausal Skin

    5 Steps to Getting Your Best Skin As You Navigate  Menopause

    The Best Skincare Routine Through Menopause

    While few women look forward to menopause, postmenopausal years are often mercifully free of acne and other skin concerns caused by fluctuating hormones (yes, there is a silver lining!). Unfortunately, the clear skin enjoyed after menopause often follows a time of increased breakouts and can come with other concerns such as fine lines and a loss of elasticity. Having a regular skincare routine is essential throughout your life, but here is why your menopause skincare routine is essential.


    How menopause skincare differs from perimenopause skincare

    Although everyone is different, many women experiencing perimenopause (the few years before menopause) notice frustrating skin conditions associated with a rollercoaster of fluctuating hormones. Changes in hormones are the main cause of perimenopausal problems such as breakouts (unrelated to lifestyle factors) and rosacea flareups. These may coincide with the first appearance of other skin concerns, such as fine lines. So suddenly, you may be looking for products that treat both breakouts and signs of ageing!


    Menopause eventually signals a fall in estrogen and can play out in many ways throughout the body. Although those infamous hot flashes and flushes are real, menopause is different for everyone. Many women even sail through with minor or no symptoms! When it comes to our skin, visible signs may include increased dryness, sensitivity, and elasticity loss. Basically, skin is less resilient than in our 20s, meaning our choice of menopause skincare products should be targeted towards nourishing, soothing and rejuvenating. While women undergoing hormone replacement therapies may skip some of these skin troubles in the short term, this isn't the answer for everyone.


    If you are worried about skin changes during menopause, try the following routine:


    1. Use a gentle cleanser

    As always, a cleanser is important for removing dead skin, dirt, and oil that has accumulated throughout the day. Correct cleansing is your key to fresh, radiant skin that is ready to absorb the active ingredients of other topical products — making it a non-negotiable in your self-care routine. If you're still suffering from breakouts, remember that comedogenic makeup can also exacerbate acne. Just another reason to care about cleansing!

    Try adding a Konjac Sponge to your cleansing routine - it helps balance the skin's PH and brings a gentle, daily exfoliation to your routine, which is particularly helpful if you are experiencing menopausal breakouts.

    Look for cleansing products that are free of toxins and harsh chemicals — especially important for mature women with sensitive skin, as traditional soaps are often too drying. Adding a mild exfoliant or nourishing clay mask can also benefit menopausal skin and help repair any damage left from acne flareups. Choose one designed to gently purify, brighten, and smooth for skin that feels refreshed and hydrated.


    2. Find a product that helps with inflammation and redness

    Illumino Youth Serum Helps Ease Redenss

    Expected hormonal changes that many experience during menopause don't just cause hot flushes. They can actually trigger inflammation under the skin, leading to dryness and speeding up the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You'll want to incorporate a product known for its potential anti-inflammatory effects - something that is deeply moisturising and helps calm redness. 

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    Prickly pear seed oil is a beautiful oil known to soothe the skin and ease redness. It boasts high amounts of skin-brightening vitamin K, so many women who have lost that 'vitality' from their skin's appearance suddenly find themselves loving their skin without makeup again after using it!

    This magical beauty oil is also packed with soothing vitamin E (three times the amount of any other plant oil used in the beauty industry), known to fight free radicals, protect the skin and promote regenerative growth. This can be a priority during menopause when the hormones and proteins that keep our skin plump and firm are being depleted.

    Our organic Illumino Youth Serum boasts 99% certified organic prickly pear seed oil. It is especially effective for supporting skin as it matures and improves acne scars and fine lines. 


    3. Nourish naturally with products that penetrate the deeper layers of skin

    Effective menopause skincare comes down to moisturising and protecting your skin every day. Many moisturisers are designed to create a barrier between the external world and your skin. Choosing a beautiful organic face oil that penetrates the deeper layers of skin to nourish and repair is a vital step if you want glowing, vibrant skin throughout menopause.


    You may need to change up your regular moisturiser for skincare that penetrates deeply but doesn't clog pores, such as our Duo Organic Face Oil Set, featuring the night oil that won BEST OVERNIGHT FACE OIL and our morning oil which won Editor's Choice Award from the Beauty Shortlist Awards - the most respected natural beauty awards in the world! Brighten, hydrate and repair skin in two easy steps!


    4. Wear sunscreen

    Sunscreen Helps Slow Signs Of Aging

    Few things can age you like the sun. And menopause is a time when your time in the sun can really catch up with you in the form of pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. It's never too late to start a sun-safe routine — and when you protect yourself every day, you put yourself years ahead of others who don't bother. Remember, not all sunscreens are created equal, so look for broad-spectrum coverage in a formula that suits your skin type. Because the best sunscreen is one you wear every day.


    5. Choose a night oil made for menopause skincare


    Hydrating and nourishing your skin is just as important at night as it is during the day. Maybe more so! Choose a night oil with natural, active ingredients that won't irritate your skin. For example, our Indagare Signature Night Recovery Face Oil has been created with 18 powerful botanicals for preserving, plumping, and healing as you sleep. Gently press or massage your face oil into damp skin for best results. It's so good that not only does it feature raving five-star reviews, it also won the number one spot in the world's most prestigious natural beauty awards for the category of best overnight face oil!


    The best skin of your life - regardless of age!

    Happy Mature Woman With Beautiful Skin

    Dealing with hormonal fluctuations can be frustrating, but the right menopause skincare routine can keep your skin smooth and help retain that youthful glow. For those who have struggled with acne and breakouts, menopause might be a time to enjoy the best skin of your life! 

     If you are looking for natural, non-comedogenic products, why not try our award-winning face oils and luxury skin care as part of your routine? Check out the reviews where you'll see plenty of women struggling with skincare for menopause saying our Organic Face Oil Duo Set is the magical beauty elixir they've been looking for!

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