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  • March 30, 2022 6 min read

    How to Choose the Best Skincare For Women Over 50



    Regardless of how many trips you've taken around the sun, you can still have a vibrant, ageless complexion. The trick is in knowing how your maturing skin needs to be treated. After all, the same beauty routines from your youth won't be as effective now since your skin has different needs. Understanding those needs will help you choose the right path toward more youthful skin as you head towards 50 and beyond.


    Why We Need To Overhaul Our Skincare Routine As We Mature

    When you move toward perimenopause, that time of life when your body starts changing before official menopause, and then into actual menopause, you'll notice some distinctive changes. Everyone knows about hot flashes, but what is less commonly known is how your hormones come into play for the way your maturing skin appears.


    These changes in hormones are the reason you may see more breakouts or even have rosacea. Add to that those pesky fine lines, sun spots, crepe-y texture, and loss of hydration — you can understand why many go on a quest to overhaul their skincare routine and discover the best skincare for women over 50.


    You might not be able to stop the hands of time, but you can keep it from leaving such a visible imprint on your face by using the best skincare for maturing skin.


    Face Oils: Your Key To Glowing Skin In Your 50s & Beyond...


    As mentioned, the process of chronological ageing is a drying one for the skin. As your hormones change, it creates a more dehydrated, less supple skin texture. Face oils are a fantastic asset for maturing skin as they can hydrate the skin without leaving it feeling greasy or clogged. And  because they are rich in antioxidants, they also fight free-radical damage to cells, thereby preventing further ageing, protecting the skin by keeping the outer layer of skin, the stratum corneum, intact.


    So What Are The Best Skincare Products For Women Over 50?

    Indagare makes two organic face oils - and more than 1000 five star reviews, many from women over 50, confirm they are absolute skincare miracles for maturing skin. They also love how simple and toxin-free their new mature-skincare routine is!


    Meet the Dynamic Duo - A Simple Yet Powerful Skincare Routine For Women Over 50



    The first is the Illumino Youth Serum. Illumino Youth Serum features a super-light texture and absorbs very fast, so it's ideal for your morning routine. This incredible facial oil will brighten your skin tone, returning that glow-y vibrancy you've probably lost as you got older, while deeply hydrating skin - FAST.


    Illumino Youth Serum Ingredients

    So what are the ingredients in this magical face oil that thousands of women over 50 say it's the best skincare they've used? The star ingredient is the best quality, certified organic prickly pear seed oil, a rare and luxurious oil that has undeniable results for brightening up your complexion and evening out skin tone. It's one of the most expensive beauty oils globally, so you rarely see big multi-national brands using it in any meaningful amount. Conversely, our award-winning Illumino Youth Serum is 99% prickly pear seed oil! Because of that high-prized prickly pear seed oil, your skin is treated to a mega-dose of linoleic acid, which helps plump things up and encourages your natural radiance to come through.


    Additionally, as one of the best faces oil for women over 50, the Illumino Youth Serum features betalains, a potent group of antioxidants that fight wrinkle formation and prickly pear seed oil is one of the few beauty oils to offer these. 


    It also features a good dose of skin-firming vitamin C from the neroli, another super-luxurious botanical with a range of skin benefits. Egyptian geranium helps increase collagen production  and is known to enhance elasticity and maintain the skin's softness and smoothness, all great benefits when looking for the best skincare to use as you mature. 


    This gentle oil is soothing, helping tame inflammation and redness while boosting cellular turnover to give you a more youthful look. It's great for dealing with menopausal acne that some women suddenly have to deal with. And it also stimulates collagen production, so skin learns to become more elastic in time. With every use of this face oil for maturing skin, you help your skin turn back the hands of time.


    How Indagare's Signature Night Recovery Oil Rejuvenates Skin Over 50.



    When you sleep, your body's cells are hard at work replenishing, healing, plumping and regenerating skin cells. Skin cells do their best work while you dream away to renew and repair, so using a face oil such as our award-winning Signature Night Recovery Oil, specifically formulated to help mature skin can support this critical process. This super luxurious botanical face oil  will take your skin's cellular health to the next level.

    This luxurious face oil is formulated with 18 of the world's most potent botanicals - some of the most nutrient-rich botanicals proven to help nourish and restore skin, helping it feel healthy and youthful.


    Would you like a FREE 40-page E-Book to help you kick-start your transformation to luxurious natural beauty and wellness routines? Let us know where we send it to hereand we'll email it to you straight away!

    Best Overnight Facial Oil Indagare's Signature Night Recovery


    Indagare's Signature Night Recovery Oil's Ingredients (and why they are incredibly healing for skin of ALL ages!):

    Argan oil is a beautiful ingredient for mature skin as it has vast amounts of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. Argan oil also contains CoQ10, melatonin, and plant sterols, which fight against the skin-damaging free radicals from the sun, pollution, drinking, and smoking. So, perhaps it is no surprise that we use a beautiful first cold-pressed certified-organic argan oil, sent to us in fresh batches directly from fair-trade co-operatives of Berber families in Morocco with our divine Signature Night Recovery Oil.


    Rosehip oil benefits dry, mature skin partly because of its large amounts of lycopene, a pigment naturally found in red fruits and vegetables, including rosehips. Lycopene protects the skin from the sun's UVs, acting as free radical scavengers to protect the skin cells from damage. Rosehip also contains trans-retinoic acid or tretinoin, a form of Vitamin A. Studies show that rosehip oil can reduce fine wrinkles and sun damage caused by UV rays.


    Regenerating tamanu oil promotes healthy cell growth for the skin with rejuvenating qualities and a hefty dose of omega-9 fatty acid. Hazelnut oil gently firms and tones the skin while infusing it with flavonoids that penetrate the deepest layers to help encourage resilience and strength.


    As if that list of top--shelf botanicals was not enough superstars for a skincare routine that is the best for mature skin, we also add beautiful evening primrose oil to reduce inflammation and the incredible sea buckthorn oil with rare omega-7. According to this 2017 study, one of sea buckthorn oil's lipids can also speed up cell regeneration and renewal, significantly benefiting mature skin. It also contains sterols, which reduce water loss and improve firmness in a person's skin.


    Then there is pomegranate oil with ellagic avid to prevent wrinkles, and massive store of vitamin C – one of the hottest vitamins in skincare. Add to this Bulgarian rose, a prized natural moisturiser that also opens your skin up to receive the benefits of other ingredients, and Jasmine, which helps hydrate the skin (and smells amazing!).


    The list of superstar botanicals endures with our Signature Night Recovery Oil - with a total of 18 nourishing ingredients backed by science for effectiveness in helping replenish maturing skin in a natural, safe, and effective way.


    How to Use the Best Face Oils for Women Over 50 in Your Routine

    The Face Oil Duo Set is the best choice for women over 50 for all the reasons above - the two oils work synergistically together, delivering a full spectrum of skin nutrition. You will LOVE your new simple skincare routine, and you'll love the results even more!

     Apply 4-5 drops of Illumino Youth Serum each morning to clean skin. You can also mix a few drops in with your foundation for a glow-y, natural make-up look.

    On clean, slightly damp skin, apply 4-5 drops of Signature Night Recovery Oil at night. You may wish to put a face cream over the top of the oil in winter. 

    See why everyone has fallen in love with Indagare's Organic Face Oil Duo Set. It's literally changing the face of maturing skincare - for the better! Let it change yours and help restore your inner confidence from the outside with the very best skincare for women over 50 in Australia!


    Shop Indagare's Two Best-Selling Luxury Face Oils With The Organic Face Oil Duo Set & Save 10% as A Bundled Offer! Plus, if it is your first order with Indagare, we'd love to welcome you with a further saving because we know you'll love your results as much as the thousands of women before you did!

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