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Tips to Transition Your Skincare Routine From Winter to Spring

Posted by Tanya Joslin on

5 Smart Skin Habits to Welcome Spring

Transition your skincare routine to start the spring season glowing and rejuvenated.


Spring clean your cosmetics

Spring isn't just a great time to spring clean the house, it’s also the perfect time to let go of the skincare and beauty products that are just taking up room. Out with the old, in with the new!  

It’s essential to monitor and swap out products regularly, particularly if you prefer toxin-free skincare which by nature is made using no or fewer preservatives or chemicals to extend shelf life. Many natural beauty products use an expiry system based on a period after opening (use within 12 months of opening, for example). Consider dating your bottle upon opening or even marking your calendar.

Be vigilant about products, such as scrubs, that may come in contact with water. Check expiry dates and remember that anything you apply near your eyes requires extra diligence. Wipe down your vanity shelves, wash your cosmetics bag, sort everyday essentials from more indulgent products.

Exfoliate more

Bring out skin's radiance by exfoliating a little more in the spring. In winter, when your skin is drier, you may exfoliate just once a week if your skin is more sensitive in the harsher climate. But, as spring moves in, you'll want to slough off dead skin and unblock pores. Steer away from harsh scrubs though. Instead, choose a natural, gentle product.

Extremely potent, yet gentle, Atonement Clay Mask won Finalist at the 2019 Beauty Shortlist Awards for best clay masks. It boasts 11 clays and herbs to detoxify, exfoliate and renew skin simultaneously. 

Atonement features a Bamboo Powder that is naturally rich in silica, which helps to replenish collagen stores and improve 'skin's flexibility while absorbing dirt and bacteria from the surface. Gently massage the mask off to allow the bamboo powder to exfoliate, the final step in revealing glowing, radiant skin.


Trade in cream for a lighter facial oil

Hydration is crucial to any skincare routine but using heavy creams in spring could cause annoying breakouts for some of us. Come spring, consider switching from a heavy, hydrating moisturiser to a lighter oil-based product. Illumino Youth Serum is the ultimate spring/summer facial oil — it absorbs immediately, making it ideal under your morning make-up. Many of our customers use Illumino in the mornings and Signature Night Recovery Oil at night, but if you live in very humid conditions  Illumino is an amazing spring/summer face oil can be used twice daily, although more mature skin may treat it like a multi-vitamin at night, layering a moisturiser on top.



Freshen up your legs & feet

Sandal season is upon us, so start getting those feet and toes ready! We're talking exfoliation again — bring a body scrub into your routine at least weekly, if not twice a week. It’s incredible what a good scrub can do to keep cracked heels at bay! Between hot showers, cold wind and electric blankets, there's a good chance you've built up your fair share of dead skin over the last three months! Regular exfoliation will get your legs prepped for shorts and skirts and have you feeling all brand new.


Remember, allergy season!

Suddenly have puffy bags under your eyes? Chances are it’s not lack of sleep or winter fatigue. Spring is notorious for allergy season, and when people have sensitivities to any environmental allergen, it can create redness and inflammation underneath the eye. 

The certified organic prickly pear seed oil in Indagare's Eye Roller is a marvel for puffy eyes and a great natural option that shouldn't flare allergies further! 

Prickly pear seed oil boasts more vitamin E than any other beauty oil, so it’s exceptionally healing. And, if you suffer from dark under-eye circles, the vitamin K in this oil is fantastic for combating these! As always, be sure to consult a medical specialist when it comes to allergies.

Read more about magical prickly pear seed oil with this story.

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