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Home-made Muesli Recipe

DIY No-Fuss Home-Made Muesli Recipe (healthy and delicious!)

This homemade muesli is easy to mix up, packed full of goodness to nourish your body and can store for a good month in an airtight container. Best of all? It has skin-loving, healthy ingredients that are great for your overall wellbeing!

Nigela Lawson Daily Mail Indagare Beauty

Creams, oils, unguents – Nigella Lawson says she's tried them all. So what is the one product she recommends to friends the most?

She is one of the world's most beautiful women. So, when (at the time) 59-year-old Nigella Lawson revealed her secret to flawless skin, women around the world took notice! So what is Nigella's 'secret sauce' when it comes to gorgeous, youthful skin?

Create an At-Home-Spa-Day

Follow These 7 Steps For A Blissful At-Home Spa Day!

Set aside a little time each week to destress and enjoy a transformative at-home spa day or night! Follow us as we show you how to create your own special at-home spa rituals - there are even lots of DIY tips and tricks that won't break the bank!

Indagare Natural Beauty Luxury Body Oil

Body Oils & Their Incredible Skin Benefits

While body lotions, moisturisers and creams will help keep your skin hydrated, high-quality organic body oils can provide that extra hit of skin nutrition, without cheap fillers or water. Take it to the next level and choose a toxin-free, truly natural body oil with quality essential oils, and you'll be relaxing your mind while improving your overall health.