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Why you need a Jade Roller (and how to use them!)

Posted by Tanya Joslin on

Jade Rollers - the Ancient Secret to Gorgeous Skin

By now, you’ve no doubt seen and heard of Jade Rollers. Vogue dot com proclaimed the Jade Roller is:

"The Chinese Skin-Care Tool That Will Cool, Tighten, and Depuff Your Face in Seconds.”*

As you can imagine, Vogue’s strong statement pretty much ensured this simple, yet profoundly beneficial, beauty tool became a must-have for women of all ages.


So, how do Jade Rollers work?

If you’ve ever had a facial that included a face and neck massage, you’ll know how great it feels, and no doubt had it explained that massaging helps the body detox. The Jade Roller is a mini massage for your face, and as such assists with lymphatic drainage by stimulating the fluid that flows through the lymph nodes in the jaw and neck.

Using a Jade Roller also helps increase blood circulation, and when done consistently, both this and the lymphatic drainage should help improve elasticity and minimise the signs of ageing.

The Jade Roller dates back to ancient China. It was a skin-care must for empresses and the upper echelons of Chinese society. In fact, when I lived in Macao (a self-administered region of China), my monthly facial always finished with a Jade Roller. The aesthetician there told me they used it for both the massage feel and also to help my skin absorb more of the serums they'd applied. The funny thing is, this was several years ago, long before Jade Rollers were all over Instagram!

How do I use a Jade Roller? 

Jade Rolling is dead simple to master, and, they are a very affordable addition to your skincare routine (at Indagare Natural Beauty, we offer them for just $27).

1) After cleansing your face, apply your favourite face oil as the first step, as the Jade Roller will help your skin absorb product better.

2) Start at the chin and gently roll horizontally out to the hairline. Just a light, gentle pressure is all you need.

3) Move up toward the nose and continue moving out towards your ears.

4) If you’ve got a Jade Roller with the smaller end, run it along the cheekbone under your eye socket. If your Jade Roller is the one with grooves on one end and smooth on the other, just use the smooth end around the eye area (the grooved end of a Jade Roller feels marvelous around the hairline and temples and brings a deeper massage sense to the ritual). 

5) Place your roller along the eyebrows and roll up toward your hairline, ensuring the forehead also benefits from your facial massage. Finish by rolling the other way along your forehead, horizontally towards your temples.

See .... we told you they are easy to use! Ready to get yours? Visit our shop here. 

* Vogue's full article can be read here. 

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